What Makes Me Happy: Pet Adoption
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With National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day coming up on April 30th I have been thinking about how much joy my two rescue cats have given me. So many shelter animals are waiting to find permanent, safe, loving

What Makes Me Happy: Grilled Cheese
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I realize I am one of millions who loves grilled cheese sandwiches. How do I know? Because there is actually a National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (yes, that really is a thing), which is observed annually on April

What Makes Me Happy: All of Me
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The 1984 movie All of Me is one of my all time favorite comedies. Directed by industry icon Carl Reiner, the film stars Lily Tomlin as unlikable, dying heiress Edwina Cutwater, who seeks to extend her life by

What Makes Me Happy: Koi Ponds
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There is something so serene about koi ponds. The beauty of the green grasses, the sound of the trickling water, the slow movement of the painterly fish. These mini-ecosystems are the perfect nexus of flora and fauna, representing

What Makes Me Happy: Organizing Things
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Spring is almost upon us, triggering the compulsion in many to clean up and clear out. For me, the latter is a year-round impulse. I am one of those weirdos that loves organizing things. Categorizing, consolidating, culling, donating,

What Makes Me Happy: Naps
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The commencement of Daylight Saving Time is looming on the horizon. This annual practice of robbing us of an hour of weekend sleep by shifting the clock forward immediately brought naps to mind. Even as a child, naps

What Makes Me Happy: Law & Order
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Law & Order is one of my all time favorite television shows. I suspect that I have seen each one of its 400+ episodes during its 20-season run multiple times. When it ceased production in 2010, it was

What Makes Me Happy: Popcorn
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The Academy Awards telecast is coming up this Sunday, which got me thinking about movies, which got me obsessing about popcorn, which made my mouth start watering in a very Pavlovian way. Popcorn is the stereotypical staple of

What Makes Me Happy: Planet Earth
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Though our home - planet Earth - does make me happy, Planet Earth, the visually stunning natural history television series, arguably makes me even happier, which is why I am absolutely over the moon that Planet Earth II

What Makes Me Happy: Brazilian Jazz
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With Valentine’s Day and The Grammy Awards both around the corner, I thought I’d mention my love of Brazilian Jazz. With its quiet tones and beautiful melodies, this musical genre always makes me feel good. Whether purely instrumental