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Your efforts have already gone around the world. I was sent the Plinth and Chintz link by a fellow student in Austria. I live in Tampa, Florida. The link has also been sent to other design students in Belgium, and New Zealand, Canada and many US states. We are enrolled in an international ID program that is distance education, based in London, England with US office in Boston. We give your Plinth and Chintz a hearty thumbs up! Congrats, we love it.

- Sheree Schold, Rhodec student and contributor
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1 New Idea
Need some inspiration? Look no further than I New Idea, a website that features designs, products, inventions and – you guessed it – new ideas. Interior designers will especially enjoy the wide array of furniture concepts, which include a myriad of both theoretical and actual chair designs.
ABC&D Magazine / Buildingtalk
Otherwise known as Buildingtalk online, ABC&D – which stands for Architect, Builder, Contractor & Developer – Magazine provides the latest information on related products, services, news and technology within the building industry. Established in 1988, the publication has evolved from a product-focused approach to an articles–focused approach featuring case studies, hot topics, and industry commentary.
AEC Cafe
Everything, EVERYTHING you can read, download or hunt for about the architecture, engineering & construction industries. Software downloads, the latest industry articles and job listings are here for the taking.
Aging Beautifully
Interior design student Alexis Brown sent us this link, which was sent to her by a professor. As the Baby Boomers age and live longer, design issues relating to accommodating the elderly in a variety of environments have become increasingly important. This site addresses these topics in a clear and thoughtful manner.
Aging In Action
Aging in Action is a resource provided by the Mather LifeWays Institute on Aging, a non-denominational, not-for-profit organization founded more than 70 years ago dedicated to developing and implementing “Ways to Age Well” by creating programs, places, and residences for today’s young-at-heart older adults. Aging in Action comprises summaries of recent research findings by medical and social scientists about issues related to health, health services, aging and family caregiving.
All Arts Schools
This comprehensive directory exposes guests to arts career resources and accredited art programs. Whether not you even know what you want kind of career you want to pursue, you can explore options, compare schools, and search for specific types of degrees.
Have you ever dreamed of Andy (if he were still skulking around The Factory) granting you your 15 minutes of fame by starring you in one of his Warholian montages? Or inspiring Roy enough to feature you as a character in one of his Lichtensteinian strips? The team of illustrators and artists at allPopart can grant your vanity wish. And if you decide to start thinking of someone other than yourself, they can even transform your nieces and nephews into Manga characters.
American Hardwood Information Center
Everything you ever (or never) wanted to know about hardwoods. They’re not just for floors! From caring for them to design trends and gift ideas, this is your one-stop information center for hardwood. If you’ve bought a house and have no idea what type of finish is on your floors and how to care for them, or you want to silence some pesky squeaks, the good folks here walk you through it.
While mourning the death of some of their favorite magazines, writers Meg Mateo Ilasco and Anh-Minh Le began discussing their dream publication and agreed upon “a shelter and lifestyle magazine that takes a narrative approach to its coverage of home decor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture.” So that’s exactly what they created – in print and online.
Apartment Therapy
This is a random blog site out of New York, but expanding quickly to other major U.S. cities. You’ll find anything and everything here: products & stores, sales & events, house tours & services. Have fun perusing.
Arch + Design Job Market
Run by CareerCast.com – the Internet's premier career site for finding targeted job opportunities by industry, function and location – Arch + Design Job Market covers all design markets: commercial, healthcare, hospitality, residential, retail, etc. Post job, post a resume, sign up for alerts, read articles to enhance your job seeking strategies…It’s a one-stop shop A&D job site.
Art Business News
It’s great to be an artist, but it’s not so great to be a starving one. Though an artist’s inspiration might not be money, art is undeniably a business, and this magazine explores the relationship between the two. From interviews to resources to show dates to marketing strategies, any creative trying to make art his or her full-time gig should take note.
“The Guide to Great Art on the Internet” is just what it says. A great resource for art articles from a myriad of publications, guides to art museums around the world, and most importantly great works of art. Search by artist for bio, info, and lists of artwork sorted by current museum where it’s on display.
Artifice Images
In need of some cost-effective, rights-managed stock photography for architecturally significant buildings from around the globe? Then this is the place to go. Drawing upon both archived work and contemporary photographers, the site make it easy to find just the image you want via multiple search options – e.g., architects, specific buildings, architectural types, etc.
Many people enroll in interior design school because they have an artistic bent, and not until they get deeper into the program do they comprehend the many left-brained components required of the career, not to mention the codes and regulations that shape the process. Creative freedom, eccentric qualities, and artistic expression definitely have a place in the A&D industry, but many times it’s more readily evident in its art collaborations vis–à–vis corporate programs, private collections and public installations. If artists, auctions and galleries excite you more than contractors, bid packages and job sites, then we recommend you hang out at artnet.
Bad Design Kills
P&C contributor Temenouzhka Zaharieva exposed us to this site quite adamant about reinforcing the importance of thoughtful design and the danger – not to mention the annoyance - of poor design. The content is fun and the point is valid.
Behance Network
Their tagline – The Creative Professional Platform – pretty much says it all. Dedicated to allowing creatives to promote their work to interested parties (translation: potential employers and clients) via an online portfolio, Behance is also a resource for jobs and events related to everything from interior design to industrial design and art direction to architecture.
Bespoken Art
We all know that ocean waves and hair waves can be beautiful, but who knew that sound waves could be as well? A clever play on words, Bespoken Art allows you to record your voice saying something lovely (or dirty, if you roll that way), and create a customized piece of art resulting from the sound of your own voice. It’s one sure way to guarantee that you have a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
Boxes and Arrows
For all you web-savvy, information architecture types out there, this is your site! Boxes and Arrows is all about the practice, innovation and discussion of design – not interior design, but graphic and information design. Articles, ideas and interviews are presented in a peer-written journal format that also includes web/usability/design event postings and job listings.
Careers In Interior Design
A valiant joint effort by six organizations dedicated to producing educated and qualified interior designers: ASID, FIDER, IDC, IDEC, IIDA, and NCIDQ.
This bi-monthly, printed publication debuted March 1, 2011, and is the brainchild of its award-winning Creative Director, David Carson. The magazine offers themed issues focusing on current events, culture, art, design and fashion. Dedicated to quality in design, fine art, illustration, photography and writing, USA Today called his work "visually stunning," and claimed "it may actually get young people reading again."
Closets Daily
Is your idea of a fun day off stacking, sorting and building shelving? Is your personal motto is “A place for everything, everything in its place”? Do you fantasize about well-designed, highly organized, aesthetically appealing storage spaces? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then Closets Daily is going to make you giddy. Between articles, videos and blog posts, they present an endless variety of storage solutions for homes and garages.
Color Wheel Pro
Sign us up for some time-saving color scheme help. Color Wheel Pro not only provides sample color schemes (analogous, harmonious, triadic), but lets you preview them on your logo, web design and more. This software is better than closing your eyes and trying to imagine what those colors you’re picking might look like.
This fun site sponsored by Pantone is suited for hardcore metaphysical types, astrological dabblers and everyone in between. Personally, I wasn’t thrilled with my birth date’s color, but the description that went with it was frighteningly accurate. Hmm. Maybe there is something to this after all…
CU Ergo
The smart cookies at Cornell University have been researching the intricate minutia that is ergonomics for years, and they are kind enough to share their findings with the rest of us via this website. As you might imagine, the information on computer workstation use is extensive, but they have also investigated ergonomics in libraries and in hotel rooms. All in all, it’s your go-to resource for all topics ergonomic.
Décor Drama
This blogger compiles news articles from around the country and categorizes them into easy to find categories. The articles tend toward decorating trends and services helping designers keep up on what’s happening around the country.
Dennys Tormen with Glauco Bernardes - Vaco Bookcase
Who says fun can’t also be responsible? Brazilian-based designer Dennys Tormen for one. He and fellow designer Glauco Bernardes used a laser cutter to shape hard pieces of material made from waste paper into their freestanding, cow-shaped Vaco bookshelf. In fact, the bold, bovine-inspired project earned them First Prize at the Brazilian Sustainable Design Competition. That’s nothing to moo at.
Design Addict
Self-proclaimed as “The Portal For Design Lovers.” They’re not lying. Very worldly and cosmopolitan – you’ll feel smart for even checking it out. All sorts of information on designers, events and news around the world.
Design Biz Blueprint
Terri Taylor, ASID, IIDA, IDS, IFDA, has taken her 32 years in the interior design and construction industries and created a business helping other interior designers become more efficient and profitable in their own practices. Interior design programs don’t have time to teach business practices, and most people gravitate to the field because of their right-brain strengths, not ever understanding that left-brain abilities are a crucial part of their ultimate success. Terri is able to help fill in some of the gaps and provide information on various business models that work for the complex business of offering interior design services.
Design Bureau
This creative playground of a magazine, which is published bi-monthly in Chicago, touches on topics of interest to those who live and breathe design. Intelligencer, their bi-weekly e-newsletter, fuels the fire for even more design enthusiast fantasies.
Design Guide
“The Internet Director of Building + Design.” This site is very international in nature, and it leans more toward the architecture side than the interior design side - not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s very nicely presented and has many good links.
Design Ignites Change
This collaboration between the Adobe Foundation and Worldstudio seeks to do exactly what its name describes: provoke positive change through design. Focusing on college and high school students interested in or studying a multitude of design disciplines, the organization engages them in projects that address burning social issues. The broadly scoped group encourages “design thinking” to solve problems existing on each participant’s local community level.
Design Library
Textile & pattern lovers rejoice! Search the Design Library’s archives for amazing historical designs and patterns that the Library has purchased from mills, engravers and private collections. Buy the design and it’s yours to develop as a new carpet design, wallcovering, gift wrap – etc. Designs can also be licensed for a 2-year period.
Design Observer
A well-written blog by graphic design heavyweights on not only design itself, but its cultural implications. Worth reading for all types of design issues.
Design Quarterly
This publication focuses on interior design and architecture from the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Profiling the region’s design professionals, as well as their projects, inspirations, and resources, Design Quarterly also addresses issues affecting the design industry in Canada and beyond.
You love READING about design tips and advice, but what if you could see it in action? You can at Design2Share. Irwin Weiner, ASID, and Nicola Chernicoff have created a video library with video podcasts & design blogs. They also have a YouTube channel. Finally – see other design pros in action.
These veterans of the web-zine (they’ve been around since 1999) have accumulated 26,000+ articles worth of architecture, design, art and tech-related interviews, studio visits, exhibition reviews, product spotlights and more. Through sponsoring international competitions and accepting submissions of readers’ work, they provide a venue for designers to be seen in a global marketplace. designboom goes the dynamite!
Designer eSources
This site has its own monthly newsletter with articles “by a noted designer on subjects of interest.” Plus, they have their own helpful design links and library. Their most unique service is the ability to do online presentation boards, but they offer many more features. The fee is normally $75 for the main services, but they have a reduced rate for students.
Designer Pages
Products, products and more products – this website’s got them. From stacking chairs to lounge furniture, fiberglass ceiling panels to acoustical canopies, residential to commercial, contemporary to transitional. Grab your favorite beverage, login, search, surf and specify.
Designers & Books
Their name says a lot. This online resource provides insight into books that “esteemed members of the design community identify as personally important, meaningful, and formative—books that have shaped their values, their worldview, and their ideas about design.” Use it as practical inspiration for tangible projects. Use it as a way to stimulate your brain onto new thought trails. Use it as a gift list for the creatives in your life. Just use it.
This blog by former New York-based designer Jessica Smarsch celebrates art and design through product features, interviews with desigers, and more. Smarsch studied Textile Design at the Rhode Island School of Design but is now pursuing a Masters degree in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, and she shares her innovative, breathtaking, whimsical, and sometimes startling finds.
DesignShare fosters the concept of collaboration on the architecture and design of learning facilities (schools and “any place learning takes place” like museums and community centers) from around the globe. Architecture and design firms share plans, costs, and design ideas as a way to shape the future of learning. If you’re interested in working for a firm that does educational projects, visit their company directory. If your firm does these types of projects, you’ll find this site a great resource for valuable information. While you’re learning from them, share your knowledge, too.
This resource dedicated to innovation and creativity updates is news and editorial pieces daily. Going beyond art, multimedia and technology topics, DesignTAXI explores the influence that all types of design – graphic, industrial, interior, architectural, furniture, product – have on mass culture, trends, human behavior, and global economics.
Get ready for all things design. Delivering design related news, events, competitions, and resources, Dexigner is the leading online portal for designers. Dexigner also provides a design directory, database, agenda and weekly newsletter.
Icon magazine’s former editor Marcus Fairs launched this new all-things-design blog in November 2006. He covers everything interesting and cutting edge that has to do with design and structure. From design world gossip to sneak previews of events to coverage of groovy new products, dezeen has it.
An "Interior Design Collective." All kinds of information on the interior design profession from resources and the marketplace to news and education. Excellent links to organizations related to the profession.
Discover Design: A Student Design Experience
Kids are heavily influenced by the visual noise conveyed 24/7 on innumerable cable channels, and many become enamored by the perceived glamour of design-focused careers, perpetuated even further by Hollywood portrayals. More often than not, the professions of architect and interior designer are grossly misrepresented, siphoning off potentially successful candidates to other majors, and, equally as disheartening, attracting candidates not prepared for their technical demands and long hours. Enter The Chicago Architecture Foundation, who launched Discover Design, a website to “teach [high school] students about the design and construction of school buildings and also provide a forum where students can post their own design projects and receive feedback from an online community of other students, teachers, and design professionals.” What a great complement to PLiNTH & CHiNTZ.
Doorways Around The World
This site is pretty much the equivalent of Stair Porn, but for doors. Since every culture puts its own unique spin on this unifying architectural element that is both functional and symbolic, it is fascinating to compare global interpretations. Visitors can even submit their own images of ornamental intricacies and unusual materials – just be sure to follow the guidelines.
Eiseman Color Blog
We were fortunate enough to see color maven Leatrice “Lee” Eiseman speak at a conference recently. This veteran spitfire – who happens to be Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute and a seven-time author – knows her hues. Logging color trends, factoids and news on her blog, she exudes a contagious passion about her favorite subject, drawing you in and making you hyper-aware why color always matters.
Fabric Link
You’re out on your own now, time to pull your socks up and do your laundry like a grownup. For tips on sorting, stain removal, wash cycles and more, this site is your new best friend. But there’s so much more than Laundry Tips – like Fabric University, Fiber History, Career Paths, and even the origin of the phrase “Pop Goes the Weasel” (you’ll NEVER guess!)
Fabric Workshop and Museum
This is fabric as art, both as process and finished product. The Philadelphia museum inspires visitors not only by its exhibits, but also by allowing them to observe both established and up-and-coming artists working alongside permanent staff to create extraordinary pieces in the museum's print and construction workshop.
Feng Shui Tips
All you need to know about the feng shui bagua map, as well as an array of other feng shui topics of interest.
This is the mother website of the finishing industry. Anodizing, plating, powder coating and any related surface finishing art / technique.
Great photography, high design and a fashion focus make this hipster magazine some engaging eye-candy. If you’re looking to increase your Cool Quotient, pick one up or check out their blog.
In 2007 Romania resident and CEO Micle-Mihai Cristian launched the Freshome blog to focus on residential interior design and architecture. Through an archive of 7,000+ posts featuring over 90,000+ images of interior products and architectural projects, the site provides daily inspiration and advice to those who are seeking to improve, organize and style their homes.
From what we can tell, this design magazine, which debuted June 2008, is still in “beta testing” mode if you will. The printed version was a delightful surprise when it unexpectedly landed in our mailbox, but according to their website, we shouldn’t expect the next issue until April 2009. Bummer. The commercial side of Metropolitan Home, its inaugural issue offered an interesting, global focus. Hang in there, Fulcrum – we’re anxiously waiting for the next issue.
Furniture Styles
For quick reference about furniture styles ranging from Asian to Ancient, check this site out. It’s a quick overview about life, décor and furniture in different styles. Not super in-depth, but it’s still a good resource.
Brought to our attention by landscape architect Lara Moffat, this site offers free access to pictures & info about modern buildings around the world – even downloadable “travel packs” of architecture in specific cities.
Gary M. Katz Online
The design industry is lucky to have dedicated guys like Gary Katz. This California-based, licensed general contractor has specialized in finish carpentry work for over three decades, and he’s showing no sign of slowing down. Not only does he contribute his expertise to the betterment of commercial projects (like hospitals and schools) and residential projects (from modest tract housing to tricked-out custom homes), but he also trains others to carry on the craft through personal appearances, his “Roadshow,” articles and this resource-heavy website. If you’re crazy about carpentry and mental about millwork, this site should be in your Favorites.
Global Universal Design Educator’s Online News
Grown out of the Fourth Universal Design Educator's Project Forum held as part of the Designing for the 21st Century Conference in June of 1998, this online resource is supported by several organizations: Adaptive Environments, the Center for Universal Design, the Trace Center, the IDEA Center – primarily through grants from the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research. It truly is what it says it is: a global resource for information related to universal, accessible, inclusive, age-friendly design principles.
Great Buildings
Excellent reference guide for architecture. History, photographs, drawings, models, links, biographies, etc. Great resource for your architectural history class(es).
Green Building Blocks
So you want to build “green”, do ya? Or work with other green building professionals and clients? Here’s the site with the hookups. It’s an interactive resource for sustainable, residential green building & home improvement specialists. So if your niche is green design, you’ll be smart to research this site and decide if listing yourself on it is right for you. While you’re there, look for like-minded pros in the business that you might want to get to know better.
HFN Magazine
Otherwise known as Home Furnishings News, this resource covers everything going on in the home products market from design and supply to retailing and marketing. This trade publication covers in-depth stories surrounding the key home classifications: Home Textiles, Floor Coverings & Rugs, Furniture, Lighting, Home Decor, Mattresses & Bedding, Tabletop & Gifts, Housewares, Major Appliances, and Business & Finance.
Home Homemade
Recently launched by Darlene M. Molnar, LEED AP ID+C, Allied Member ASID, this new design blog features simple do-it-yourself projects based on popular retail home goods. It’s quite eye-opening how economically you can emulate stylish pieces that you spot in your favorite consumer catalogues and stores. All it takes is a little time, patience and – if you do it right – collaboration with friends and family. Thanks, Darlene, for providing a little DIY inspiration!
Home Portfolio
Though it caters mostly to residential design, it’s a great place to look for products that you can “specify” on projects and use in presentations. It’s also a good place to go if you’ve seen a product in a magazine and want to find a local retailer who carries it so that you can see it in person.
Honest Buildings
Transparency, data and engaged users – that’s what Honest Buildings is made of. According to their website, if the building has an address, then they have created a profile for it. Their ambitious goal is to connect “occupants, service providers and owners to each other and the buildings where they live, work and spend their time.” CEO Riggs Kubiak foresees the platform hastening the global adoption of high performance buildings and allowing a freer exchange of information between all parties engaged in designing, managing, leasing, developing and owning commercial real estate.
Hospitality Style
A publication that caters to those designers who focus on hotels, restaurants, spas, resorts, casinos, complexes and convention centers. Hospitality Style features inventive projects, the best practices of leading hospitality designers all over the world, and related topics such the business and marketing side of this complex industry.
I Age In Place
A blog by Aging In Place guru, interior designer and author Michael A. Thomas, FASID, CAPS, that focuses on any and all topics related to creating safe and secure homes that will allow residents to remain as independent as they possibly can, regardless of their abilities. Aging is inevitable, so it might as well be comfortable!
This very sleek and sexy website is all about anything design: industrial, graphic, interior, architectural, photographical (is that a word?), etc. Coolio.
This UK-based aims to help creatives make the first - or next - move in their career, aid them in creative development, and open a doorway into the real world of creativity, arts and media.
This blog focuses on industrial design topics that many in the interior design industry would find interesting such as technological developments and furniture to consumer products and architecture. All hail design!
Infolink bills itself as Australia's largest architecture, building, construction & design website. Offering more than 10,100 product pages, this is the place to find information about manufacturers, design resources, and industry happenings. Just type a product or company name into their search box for all related articles on that topic. You can also sign up for their weekly e-newsletter or just browse the site to your heart’s content for all the news you can handle.
Informe Design
Created by the University of Minnesota, this website offers a smorgasbord of technical research information related to the design industry. New sponsors have joined in supporting this University of Minnesota Web site: Humanscale, Interior Design, Perkins+Will and Officeinsight have become Silver sponsors, and ASID continues to sponsor InformeDesign at the platinum level. Also, coming soon: InformeDesign will be adding several pay-for-service features, such as InStore, which will include a continuing and professional education curriculum; Inquiry, a research brief that compiles all research on one topic; and new Webcasts from renowned designers and researchers.
“The inside view into firms and professional culture.” This site is your ticket to a better job at an architectural firm if you know what floats your boat. It rates architectural firms across the nation based on 10 key items like Design Quality, Professional Development, Employee Quality, Compensation, etc. Not all firms have been rated, so if you’ve “got a great job, go ahead and gloat” and submit your information. (Contributed by Kara-Lee Satterfield)
National organization of wholesale-to-retail manufacturers’ representatives. For over 20 years they have been providing better retailers with the good stuff: quality, design-driven products that sell. From the newest lines to the most established brands, their distinctive lifestyle approach focuses on good design for every part of the home. Whether you are looking for decorative accessories or personal care, home furnishings or stationery, books or tabletop… you will find the freshest products here.
Created by the visual software powerhouse Adobe, Kuler is a communal, web-hosted application for generating color themes to inspire your projects. It allows you to experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from those who have signed on to the Kuler community. It’s the ultimate color-obsessed crowd-sharing site.
LifeTips – Interior Design Degree
A great supplement to P&C as it provides the lowdown on what to look for in an ID programs, scholarships, salaries, certification, etc.
Light Search
The self-proclaimed “lighting manufacturer and product source for professionals” and “North America’s largest lighting directory.” You can search for fixtures by brand name, manufacturer, fixture type, etc., as well as buy market reports and find other lighting resources. A true one-stop shop, but you have to sign up as a user.
Living Architecture
We’ve seen some buzz about this in a few places lately, so we thought we’d bring it to your attention if you had happened to have been missed it. Starting in the spring of 2010, Living Architecture is making available to the public homes to rent in the English countryside. But these are not just any homes. They are detailed, exquisitely designed structures created by notable modern architects. The idea is to give anyone (if you have enough cash, that is) the opportunity to experience living within a highly thought out space, albeit temporarily.
Living With White
Love this blog’s tagline regarding designing with the color – or is it really lack of color? – white: “Some say those that love white are afraid of color. We feel those that love color just might be afraid of white!” The title certainly tells it like it is. From art to architecture and furniture to fashion, it’s crisp, minimalist and occasionally ethereal.
Find out how the richer than rich spend their money. This blog will show you gigantic homes, the latest "it" bags and tell you how much a celebrity got for their condo when they sold it.
Material Girls
Fun blog by Emily & Lauren – little nuggets of design goodies are quick and fun to read. Check out the ABCs of paint. Thanks for the shout out to P&C, girls!
MOMA e-Cards
Tired of Hallmark and Blue Mountain? Then go here for e-cards with a more artistic bent.
My Design Shop
This online store is brought to you by HOW, Print and I.D. magazines and is a comprehensive source for books, products and tools for the Design Professional. Broken into various categories to make searching for just the right resource that much easier, you’re sure to find plenty of creative inspiration here.
NEWH Career Network
The NEWH Career Network is a job and résumé service for the hospitality industry and is meant as a service to both NEWH members and to the industry as a whole. Be sure to check out the NEWH Career Network: whether you're a job seeker or employer seeking employees; whether you're looking locally or around the nation; whether you are a member of NEWH or not.
Office Site
Another good online magazine. This one links you to worldwide articles dealing with corporate design issues.
According to its About page, “otto is a design eye through which the international architecture and design community sees itself and everything around it.” Translation: Besides linking to posts in popular design blogs, otto reports on goings-on in the Architecture & Design community – e.g., showroom openings, product launches, honors and awards, etc.
A free digital resource library for architects, designers, and facility managers, PaletteApp allows design professionals to quickly sift through thousands of products to find what is appropriate for their project. Once they have made selections, they can create palettes, order all samples with a single click, and download specifications.
Our buddy James Ledoux turned us on to this online community intrigued by all things “cool.” Paying equal time to the topics of fashion, art, design, technology and culture in general, they report on creatives, innovators, trends, advancements and subsequent products. Become a cool cat (a.k.a. member) simply by requesting an invitation via the site.
Pixel Girl Presents
Super fun icons for your desktop, cute gifts, web design services – this sassy Pixel Girl has it all!
Plenty of Colour
Obsessed. Fanatical. POSSESSED. These are adjectives to describe how Vancouver-based designer Chloé Douglas feels about color. With images, inspirations, introspections and soliloquies on chroma, saturation, value, and light, she makes our rods and cones dance, stimulates our little gray cells, and soothes our souls.
Surf the Internet on your television. Watch television on your mobile phone. Read magazines on your digital tablet. It’s all merging together, baby, and Portable is helping to blur the lines. This online “channel” based out of New York features articles with accompanying videos that focus on culture, technology, film, fashion, art and more. Set a timer as it’s easy to lose yourself in the content.
Project Connect DP&E
Project Connect DP&E is a new web resource for students and teachers showcasing videos of designers talking about their work. Project Connect DP&E founder, Amy Roehl, is interested in creating authentic connections between design education and design practice. A big believer in field trips, her idea to connect students to design professionals through web-based video came to her a few years ago when she was teaching on a geographically-challenged college campus:
Red Vector
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, RedVector offers traditional and green online continuing education for licensed and certified professionals in the architecture, engineering and contractor arenas. A USGBC-approved provider with more than 70 online courses making up nearly 200 hours on green and sustainable design topics, RedVector serves more than 130,000 design and construction professionals with interactive educational content.
Redesign Me
And, finally…for the ultimate creative critic: a site that allows you as a consumer to guide today’s manufacturers in the creation and streamlining of tomorrow’s products. In the ultimate consumer / corporation collaboration, RDM members can comment on their personal product experiences and make suggestions to the producer about how to make it better. The idea has grown out of the idea of crowdsourcing – i.e., taking cues from customers about what they want instead of manufacturers trying to guess what they think their customers want. This ultimate “Power to the People!” opportunity goes to show that corporate America has truly realized that design matters. Let’s all toast to the power of design.
Geared toward the consumer seeking out residential design advice, ideas, resources and professionals, Remodelista features articles and listings informing on everything from children’s furniture and outdoor living to bathroom fixtures and kitchen accessories.
Research Design Connections
Publisher/Editor, Sally Augustin, PhD, is a practicing environmental psychologist and an internationally recognized expert on person-centered design and environmental psychology. She has consulted with major multi-national organizations to integrate important psychological considerations into the design of places and objects. Her quarterly electronic newsletter distills the essence of high-quality, recent research and translates it from “science-ease” into everyday language.
"The Contract Interiors Network." Looking for non-residential furniture sources for projects and presentations? It's here. Pure and simple.
SCT Green Design
The website dedicated to sustainable issues by LEED Accredited Professional and interior designer Stephany Catlin Taddeo. It’s her own personal mission.
Selina Rose Textile Surface Design
Selina Rose has a thing for felt. Yes, we’re talking about the material that we used in conjunction with pipe cleaners and Elmer’s Glue to create Mother’s Day presents out of in elementary school. However, Selina’s felt is infinitely more durable and sophisticated – so much so that she cuts intricate designs in it for goods such as rugs, throws and wallpaper. We just have to say it: Felt never felt so good.
Senior Housing News
If your design practice includes senior living, then you should be reading Senior Housing News, a leading source for news and information covering the senior housing industry. Other players in the industry that influence the market – such as developers, investors facility managers and operators, and service providers catering to the industry – read, contribute to, advertise in and connect via the publication.
Stair Porn
This site delivers exactly what it promises: stairs, stairs, and more stairs. If a good rise and run quicken your pulse and make you flush with excitement, then you’ll be returning to this site often for a little tread-on-tread action. They’ve got something for every fetish: from straight to spiral, reclaimed to prefab, concrete to carbon fiber. It’s OK to stair.
Highland Park Antique and Contemporary Furnishings store owner, Eve Herman, directed us to this site – a blog whose writer appreciates great design. Explore its posts for great pieces of furniture, rugs and other design pieces for your home as well as recommendations for what to pair with them.
Style Court
Blogger Courtney B. started her design blog in May 2006. By June 2007 she was cited by Margaret Russell in her Editor’s page of Elle Décor. Pretty cool, eh? Well so is her site. This Southern girl covers a range of styles and interesting design products, books, etc. If you like the blogs design sponge, apartment therapy and the nestmaker you should definitely get thee to Stylecourt. Brought to our attention by Eve Kelly Herman, Highland Park.
At first we couldn’t understand why our friend and contributor James Ledoux was recommending that we visit the much-loved hot chocolate brand’s website, but then we followed the hyperlink. Rather than finding life via boiling water and marshmallows, this Swiss miss – a.k.a. designer and Switzerland native Tina Roth Eisenberg – thrives on simple, clean, innovative design as applied to graphic design, furniture, gadgets, software interfaces and art. Outside of the virtual world Tina coordinates a monthly breakfast lecture series called in various locales called CreativeMornings. Not sure if the breakfasts include hot chocolate…
Talk Textiles
If you fawn over fibers and worship weaves, then this is your Mecca. From a glossary of specialized industry jargon to explanations of the process behind spinning fiber into yarn and yarn into finished product, this resource provides solid, useful information to “anyone who works with or appreciates the art and science of fabric production.”
Love gorgeous coffeetable books? Especially ones related to architecture, design, film, graphics and anything creative? This is the mecca.
Tectonic Studio
"The Online Resource Library For Commercial Interior Finishes." This former BlueBolt site has a great student offering of services for a small fee.
The Editor At Large
With an eye on getting both residential and commercial projects and professionals, as well as to-the-trade and retail product lines, in front of the public, The Editor At Large is made up of a team of contributing editors who review online submissions to distribute to shelter publications looking for editorial content.
The Visual Dictionary
A great site brought to our attention by graphic designer and our good friend Rob Wilson. This project aims to capture and catalog as many photos of single words in the world as possible – like that neon rendition of “diner” on the corner or the strange word the graffiti artists painted on your fence. Send ‘em in!
The name stands for Trade Only Design Library. They boast “over 812 manufacturers, 200,000 products and 18,463 industry members” in all areas of design disciplines. This is another fab place to look for products that you can “specify” on projects and use in presentations.
Another fun source of beautifully photographed design books. Lots of beautiful homes you can drool over.
3D or not to 3D? That’s hardly the question as everybody’s doing it these days. In business since 2000, TurboSquid serves the A&D community and the rest of the 3D model industry by a) offering a stock catalogue of over 200,000 downloadable 3D models, and b) providing made-to-order 3D models. Think of it as a stock photo catalogue for 3D applications where you can find furniture, accessories, textures, and architectural elements.
Universal Design Education Online
Who couldn’t use a little support, especially when it comes to thoughtful solutions when designing for widest range of people, regardless of their size, abilities, and age? Well, this site is here to help instructors, students, professionals and users/experts learn more and communicate to other about the philosophy behind and the principles of Universal Design. Run by a distinguished cast of educators and researchers, this project’s funding is provided by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) of the U.S. Department of Education.
Urbane Nomads
This travel agency offers architecture and design-centric tours for design junkies. Examples from some innovative itineraries: A Brazilian journey exploring work of Isay Weinfeld, Ruy Ohtake and Philippe Starck while also including the Morrinho Project, a re-creation of the favela (a.k.a shanty town), which exhibited at the Venice Biennale and is so true to life that the local police had initially ordered its dismantling. Or how about an A&D tour of Lebanon, where visitors dine in restaurants and party in clubs that double up as social commentary. Beats spring break in Fort Lauderdale!
Vita Developments
The mission of Vita Developments is to create and manage dignified and affordable housing communities around the world where residents actually have input in the design process of their future home, down to the color scheme finish and selections. Their sustainable community plan would create communities that are respectable and safe, providing the environment needed to nurture residents as they learn, practice and utilize personal skills, enhancing continued growth. Each Vita property would provide its citizens with housing, a place of worship, community center for both commerce and civic activities, a health clinic, school and daycare, as well as other services.
An amazing resource of international architectural information and history. Information listed in both English and Italian.
World Heritage List
Fascinating site listing more than 800 properties designated by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having “outstanding universal value common to the heritage of humankind.” Properties range from Jesuit missions in Argentina & Brazil dating from the 17th & 18th centuries to the historic city center in Vienna to a 12th century minaret in Afghanistan. These sites are important historical, cultural testaments to all, not just the countries where they exist. Next time you’re looking for a truly adventurous Road Trip – check the list for a place to visit. And while you’re there, write us an article!
Worship Facilities
If you would like to expand your practice to include churches, synagogues, temples and the like, then Worship Facilities Magazine should be– pardon the pun – your Bible. Focusing on the often unique aspects of design, construction, operation and maintenance involved with today’s places of worship, the magazine is a heavenly resource for products and services, as well as a divine platform for networking within the industry.
An entry on an Asian menu? A slang greeting for your friends? Nope, yodeng is a freethinking acronym for “young designers networking group.” As they say on their website, their open-armed group “now boasts thousands of participants both nationwide and abroad, representing all forms of architecture, engineering, design, advertising, graphics, fashion, furniture, development, and construction.” Networking is key, so Go Yo!
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