Monday, 21 April 2014 
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People Who Love P&C

Thanks for the great article on me. You did a fantastic job of making me look better than I even thought. I owe you one.

- Paul Manno, Gensler Dallas - subject of June 2005’s READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP
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Meet even more of our Contributors. They also know their stuff.

[field reporter / designer / lighting guru]

Sheryl knows how to live. She’s a fabulous cook (“everything’s better with a little more butter or cream”)… an adventuress (she once lived happily in a non-English speaking village outside of Venice, Italy)… and an advocate of culture and education (she holds an interior design degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design and is pursuing her Master of Arts in Architectural History). Originally a Floridian, Sheryl once braved the frosty weather of Newport, Rhode Island, to work in Lightolier’s lighting TechCenter. She has now returned to the balmier climes of Savannah, Georgia, to educate those in the industry about the importance of lighting design for Juno. An avid reader of classic literature and lover of sumptuous comfort, this modern day Renaissance woman will no doubt return to the Italy’s romantic surroundings some day to live out a new, exciting phase of her life. Adventures will abound, and we can’t wait to hear about them.
TECHNO POP - 09/04, TECHNO POP 10/04, TECHNO POP 01/05

[style dominatrix / idea machine / sidekick / ninja]

Amy believes that everyone should have a signature color (hers is orange) and a professional photo shoot at least once in a lifetime. [As per the picture above, do as she says, not as she does.] Finally back with her urban tribe in Dallas, Texas after four years in Phoenix, Arizona, she's realizing that baking at 110-degrees in a desert "dry heat" really wasn't all that awful when compared with a sweaty 96-degrees coupled with 65% humidity in the Metroplex. One day her follow-through will catch up with her idea mania and she'll finally do something with one of her many "we'll make millions!" ideas and actually make millions. Then she'll promptly get an unlisted number and begin traveling under her pseudonym, Cha-Cha Royale. Until then, she's thrilled to be full-time at as Ad Sales Director, Cafe Press product designer, personal shopper, and all-around partner in crime. Oh yeah, and she dragged her Manpanion of almost seven years back to Dallas with her. One of these days they'll get around to producing all the metal artwork and custom furniture designer that they have dreamed up in their heads.

[IT training consultant / travel enthusiast / dancing machine]

If we didn’t know better, we would suspect that James is a secret agent / international man of mystery. Why? Just check out where this over-achieving frequent flyer has globe-trotted: Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Wales. When he’s not going through customs, this Economics grad from the University of Texas follows his favorite teams (Longhorns, Spurs, and Eagles) and pumps some adrenaline with his video game faves (“NBA Street 2” and “Halo”). Oh, and he dutifully upholds the sacred art of Break Dancing upon request at both weddings and birthdays. We’ll let you know if he’s available to spice up your next party. In the meantime, you can keep up with James by reading his blog.
ROAD TRIP - 10/04, ROAD TRIP - 06/05, PSYCH 101 - 09/05, PSYCH 101 - 10/05, YOU'RE HIRED! - 11/05, YOU'RE HIRED! - 01/06, YOU'RE HIRED - !02/06, TECHNO POP - 05/06,
LEARN, BABY, LEARN - 05/07, YOU'RE HIRED! - 07/07, YOU'RE HIRED! - 03/08, YOU'RE HIRED! - 09/08, YOU'RE HIRED! - 10/08, PSYCH 101 – 10/09, TECHNO POP - 05/10, HOT PROPERTY - 09/11

[computer whiz / master gardener / aspiring travel writer]

We don’t compare Alyssa to Mary Richards (aka Mary Tyler Moore) just because she lives in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis – St. Paul. Or because she has a flair for writing. Or because she her best friend is eerily named Rhoda. OK, she doesn’t actually know anyone named Rhoda, but she probably has had an annoying co-worker named Ted at some point in her career. No, we take Alyssa as Modern Day Mary because she’s sassy, she’s talented, and she’s quite the go-getter. And quite the jet-setter as well. This Minnesotan could give you the skinny on Napa Valley, laud London, translate Tokyo, and sell you Stockholm. Though she’s been generously sharing her talents with the one of the world’s technological leaders for the past few years, she’s about to explore newer and broader territory. Maybe somewhere she doesn’t have to risk frostbite four months out of the year???

[financial wiz / pr guru / future screenplay writer]

What can a BS in Marketing from Villanova University get you? A glamorous gig as a PR / Event Planner for various music labels in Los Angeles and lots of fun stories. How else could a gal get to work with Dwight Yoakum, chauffeur around Barbara Mandrell, get knocked over by Courtney Love and almost sustain injuries from George Michael’s lit cigarette? Apparently it can also get you some “accidental” appearances on infomercials and TV shows, but Debra doesn’t want to go into the details since she’s now a very proper financial planner and investment / retirement specialist. When she’s not growing clients’ portfolios, Debra and her hubby, Paul, travel to favorite destinations in Europe, Asia and Central America (think Costa Rica!).
PSYCH 101 - 10/04, PSYCH 101 - 11/04, PSYCH 101 - 01/05, PSYCH 101 - 02/05, PSYCH 101 - 03/05, PSYCH 101 - 05/05

[writer / restaurant reviewer / occasional two-stepper]

Don’t hate JP because he’s beautiful. He can’t help it. However, you do have permission to dislike him because he took December off to explore the French West Indies. And we guess you can envy his appearance in People magazine when he performed in drag alongside Tom Hanks when he was a cast member of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals at Harvard. And maybe you can be jealous of his Irish grad school experience at Trinity in Dublin, when he studied Anglo-Irish literature while “minoring” in pubs. But really, JP’s just your average boy from "the friendly city" of Ottawa, Illinois, who loves to play flag football, softball, and tennis while reviewing hotspots for WHERE Chicago. How can you hate that? You can’t. So be nice to him, and maybe he will let you tag along.
ROAD TRIP - 11/04

[architect / avid blogger / continent hopper]

Beth is a self-proclaimed gypsy, except for the fact that she tends not to steal and hates peasant blouses. No, she’s a gypsy in the nomadic sense – she loves to experience life wherever she can. This enviable trait would explain her first move from
Wyoming to Texas, where she earned a BS in Architecture from The University of Texas at Arlington. Soon off to Los Angeles, she graduated second in her class with a Masters of Architecture from University of Southern California. During those years, she managed to flit off to Europe for study sessions in both Italy and Sweden, and now, after working in both Los Angeles and Dallas, she has trekked back across The Pond to work for Building Design Partnership’s office in Dublin, Ireland. Though her fields of practice have primarily focused on residential and assisted living, we’re sure she’d be up for any challenge that came her way – especially if it involved travel. Have a pint for us, will ya Beth?
YOU’RE HIRED! – 06/05, PSYCH 101 - 11/05, PSYCH 101 - 12/05, ROAD TRIP - 02/06, YOU'RE HIRED! - 08/06, YOU'RE HIRED! - 09/06, ROAD TRIP - 12/06, ROAD TRIP - 01/07, ROAD TRIP - 09/08, ROAD TRIP - 10/08 

[aspiring architect / fashionista / cultural commentor]

Angela’s endless curiosity for the world has turned her into fearless, modern day Renaissance woman. Love for the intricate structure of the body inspired her to earn a BS in Exercise Science, but a future in kinesiology soon seemed like a marathon that wouldn’t end. So she did what every confused, yet smart-as-a-whip, young adult should do: relentlessly investigate via hands-on experience. She started out by taking a part-time turn as an intern Project Auditor at The City of Dallas’ Fair Housing Department, after which she committed to full-time gigs: first as an Assistant Media Buyer and then as Litigation Project Assistant. After attending a short course in design at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, UK, she came back to the States and dove into an AutoCAD course and part-time work for us here at PLiNTH & CHiNTZ. Now she’s taking her cool self off to Harvard to try on a summer architecture session and selling her jewelry designs online, but she’ll soon be… stay tuned.
OLD SCHOOL – 04/05, OLD SCHOOL - 07/05, OLD SCHOOL - 09/05, OLD SCHOOL - 11/05, THE "REAL" REAL WORLD - 07/06

[designer / amateur photojournalist / established traveler]

Fiona is fab (which, coincidentally, happens to be one of her favorite words). She's also sharp, adaptable and oh-so-chic. Originally from the UK, Fiona earned her bachelor degree in economics before working in London's fashion industry, where the side effects were a keen business sense and a passion for purses. When she transplanted herself to Chicago in 2002, she began pursuing her dream of studying interior design, which she was able to do through Rhodec International's long-distance learning program. Now in possession of a coveted Green Card, she has no intention of returning to her homeland except for holiday. Fiona takes advantage of her student memberships in both ASID and IIDA and travels extensively. Be on the lookout for her - she's the one with a camera permanently attached.
ROAD TRIP - 03/05, YOU'RE HIRED! - 07/05, ROAD TRIP - 10/05, HOT PROPERTY - 07/08

[copyeditor / mountain bike racer / amateur mosaicist]

Don't be afraid of the man with the red pen - he's not afraid of you. He's been stung (beekeeping in Argentina), broken (mountain bike racing in Louisiana), submerged (diving in Australia), bent (practicing yoga in Dallas), blistered (hiking across England), blasted (bar hopping in Barcelona), blinded (bird watching in Morocco), and bored (working for The Man). He's also had his beating heart ripped from his chest. (OK, it was for a short film - but he deserved it! When this adherent of Preservation Dallas isn't wielding his editorial pen, he's hanging on the beach, working on mosaics, or planning his next great adventure. At least he isn't castrating cattle anymore. Maybe you should be afraid after all...

[freelance writer / interior design student / trendspotter]

How exotic and internationale is the name of this Sofia, Bulgaria resident? (FYI: In Bulgarian, it's the name of a flower, and it refers to a violet or pansy.) Not only is this multi-lingual, multi-talented freelance writer married and a mother of two, but she is now studying design via Rhodec International. Her dream of a career in interior design emerged after already having received a Masters in Economic Information Processing and a degree in Journalism from the Economics University in Sofia. In addition to traveling the world, her favorite hobby is trendspotting, which fits in nicely with her new course of study: "I find that interior design is such a rapidly developing field that it is necessary to keep an eye open for constantly evolving news, trends and amazing designs. Trends establish themselves steadily in our contemporary world, and they inevitably affect the profession of interior design: people begin to value more intelligent solutions and services than the mere possession of objects." Sounds fun! If you enjoy watching emerging trends as well, then check out and/or visit Tem's blog:
TECNO POP - 06/05, TECHNO POP - 08/05, ROAD TRIP - 04/09

SHEREE SCHOLDSheree250.jpg
[Owner, Interiors Unleashed]

After graduating from Rhodec International, this former Floridian is relishing her career in interior design after many years of intense work with cancer patients. After earning a Master of Science in Nursing from Duke University - to enhance her undergraduate degrees in Biology and Nursing from West Virginia Wesleyan - she worked as an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, where she learned the importance of teamwork and diversity. Sheree recently settled into the New River Valley of Virginia at Christiansburg. She is learning how to stay design informed from a more rural location and now makes design-inspired travel an important part of her business plan. On the local front, going green seems second nature, and Sheree is embracing sustainable design practices while on a mission to find the great local potters, wood workers, masons, contractors and architects. She loves working with design related trades. Keep an eye out for global design sense mixed with quality custom work in her projects.
ROAD TRIP - 07/05, ROAD TRIP - 12/05, OLD SCHOOL - 05/06, ROAD TRIP - 02/07
, ROAD TRIP - 04/07, ROAD TRIP - 04/08, LEARN, BABY, LEARN – 11/09, ROAD TRIP - 06/10, ROAD TRIP - 05/11, ROAD TRIP - 01/12, ROAD TRIP - 04/12, ROAD TRIP - 11/12, ROAD TRIP - 09/13, ROAD TRIP - 10/13

[writer / marketing consultant / designer / instructor / mentor / networking machine]

You will be hard pressed to find Jenny without a smile on her face, but she isn't always to suited up. She loves fashion with a little more flair, and that doesn't mean a Cheesehead and a Packer sweatshirt. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this ultimate multi-tasker loves an excuse to leave Brew City for a little work or play in the likes of London, New York, Phoenix, Boston (and the list goes on). Spreading her by-line across the country, Jenny is passionate about design and passionate about writing. Currently playing teacher in two Wisconsin interior design programs, she finds sharing her real world design experiences with students to be one of the most gratifying endeavors of her career. Ask and you shall receive... if she doesn't know the answer or have the contact, she loves the opportunity to dig up the information and expand her network. Do yourself a favor and check out Jenny's website & blog:
DON'T EMBARRASS YOURSELF - 01/06, PSYCH 101 - 02/06, DON'T EMBARRASS YOURSELF - 03/06, THE "REAL" REAL WORLD - 05/06, LEARN, BABY, LEARN - 08/06, YOU’RE HIRED! – 01/13, YOU’RE HIRED! – 02/13, YOU’RE HIRED! – 03/13, YOU’RE HIRED! – 05/13, YOU’RE HIRED! – 06/13 , YOU’RE HIRED! – 09/13, YOU’RE HIRED! – 10/13, YOU'RE HIRED! - 11/13, YOU'RE HIRED! - 12/13, YOU'RE HIRED! - 01/14

[lover of color / Allied Member ASID / Provisional Member, IACC/NA]

Since graduating from The Art Institute of Phoenix in 2004 with a degree in Interior Design, Cathy has dabbled in both commercial and residential arenas. Her passion is color, and she is in the process of learning as much as she can about it. She is a Certified Color Consultant for Devine Paints, and in this role she helps residential clients create a color palette that enhances their belongings and brings harmony to their home. Her current aspiration is to gain Certification from the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers. She has one seminar, four projects, an oral exam, and a thesis to complete before she reaches that goal. Good luck, Cathy - we know you will pass with flying colors! (Sorry, we just couldn't resist.)
PSYCH 101 - 07/06, PSYCH 101 - 08/06

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