Wednesday, 16 April 2014 
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Really good article on cube living. It should be signature reading for all the people I worked with.
- Mick
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Twelve Hot Sites For Cool Gifts PDF Print E-mail

Blue streak
/bloo streek/ n. informal
A rapid stream of words.
talk a blue streak

Twelve Hot Sites For Cool Gifts

[Remember, if you shop for gifts on Amazon, please consider entering through us (see the "Shop Through Us" box in the right-hand column of the site). You get the exact same shopping experience and pricing, but a wee, tiny bit of the dollars you spend may find its way to us at We could use a little percentage in our stocking to keep our content free for you dear readers!]

1. Give back while looking good –

Buy your socially conscious roommate a version of's sleek Allumonde ring in Stainless Steel, Titanium, Sterling Silver or Gold – whatever fits your budget. Then choose which charity you’d like 19% of the proceeds to go to. Another 2% of the proceeds will go to UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). While you’re there, scope out this fascinating website, check out the design competitions and join the conversations about smart design solutions.

2. For your celebrity-worshipping friends or sisters –

If she (or he!) loves watching the entertainment gossip shows and always wants to know what her favorite celebs are wearing, you’ll LOVE Scroll through the pics of celebs, zero in on Gwyneth’s boots or Jessica’s handbag, click, and presto! Up pops a window showing a multitude of options that look like that item. Further refine your search by deciding what components you like the most, then get more options based on that input. You’ll love shopping with this visual search engine.

3. If bright colors are your thing – offers everything in bright colors and fun designs. Computer mice painted like ladybugs, bangle watches in bright stripes or funky retro squares, a baby spoon with an attached plastic plane – open wide!

4. For somebody with a brand new pad –

Try Save for one store (in Chicago's Lincoln Park), they’re now strictly catalog and on-line. Find super-cool furniture pieces, accents and doo-dads at great prices. Very European and contemporary style. Very affordable pricing.

5. For a graphic artist – combines a husband-and-wife team’s artistic skills to make gorgeous, simple jewelry designs and graphic stationery. Great for all your style-conscious friends.

6. Just adorable –

Your little sis would love something cute from From fabric brooches to wallpaper postcards. While you’re there, snatch up a one-of-a-kind vintage silk scarf clutch for yourself!

7. More mod fun and funky –

Go to – the less expensive, funkier little sister shop from Crate & Barrel. Find your friends some great funky ornaments, a so-soho messenger bag, a great new shower curtain, fun barware, the list goes on!

8. For the rebel in your family –

Impress your teenage brother with your hipness by grabbing some vintage-look tees or goth candles from This site has tons of gift ideas – many with an 80s-retro edge. Um, yeah. We already wore that in 1984, so we think we’ll pass, but we know plenty of folks who look cute in those styles this time around.

9. For the traveler –

Now that the TSA has instituted it’s 3-1-1 policy (3 oz, 1 quart-size zip-top bag, 1 person) you need travel mini’s. Get thee to and click on Travel Store for a selection of travel-sized goodies. Remember to buy only the 3-oz or smaller containers, though! Buy them as stocking stuffers for all the travelers in your family, and for yourself, too!

10. For your geeky brother / boyfriend / IT guy / girlfriend –

For all of those geeky pals that totally save your butt on a regular basis, reward them with a fabulously techie toy from From fun t-shirts (“I’m blogging this.”) to Rubik’s cubes for everyone, to more geeky creations like Mobile Surveillance Robots and USB Microdrives. Reward the geeks in your life. They’re more than worth it!

11. For your best friend –

Snap up an unusal glass or shell dish jewelry holder from There’s everything from snuggly scarves and wraps (click on “warmth”) to jewelry, dishware and gorgeous damask doggie beds. My favorite? The Kung Fu Kids paper clip holder. Hiii-Yah!

12. Give the gift of bacon –

No, we’re not crazy, we just love bacon. Wrap it in bacon and drizzle honey on it, and we’ll take dozen, thank you very much! So if you have a bacon-lovin’ friend, consider sending 2½ pounds of the finest hickory-smoked bacon from Lobel’s butcher shop in Manhattan via Unfortunately the shipping is almost as much as the bacon ($26-overnight delivery only), but hey – he’s worth it, right?

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Some News

Congratulations to the winners of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation [CIDA] 2013 Innovative Interior Design Education Award, which recognizes and celebrates innovative teaching and program-related practices that advance the cause of excellence in interior design education. First place went to Tilanka Chandrasekera, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Design, Housing, and Merchandising at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Tasoulla Hadjiyanni, Associate Professor, Interior Design, at the University of Minnesota, and Deborah Schneiderman, Associate Professor, Interior Design, at Pratt Institute, were also recognized. GO HERE to learn more about the winners and view their entries.

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