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Creativity may seem to come naturally to some folks, but that’s not completely true. Ideas – both good and bad – flicker and flit through our minds so fast that often we can miss them if we don’t

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Last month networker extraordinaire James Ledoux talked to us about keeping it real, striving for personal excellence, collaborating with the competition, and sharing your talents with charities for personal satisfaction and a return on

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Like it or not, jobs usually end up going to someone that is known (directly or indirectly) to the person doing the hiring. It may not seem fair, but business sometimes boils down to "who you know." Skill,

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The thought of preparing for a layoff may make you uncomfortable, but it can actually put your mind at ease. Often times there are warning signs long before an organization goes south and is compelled to reduce its

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Never leave your cube empty-handed. This was Rule

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contributed by James Ledoux

The age old dilemma in finding a good job is “how do you get experience without experience"” This catch-22 is especially true

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contributed by James Ledoux  

EDITOR’S NOTE: In his continuous quest for the cutting edge, regular contributor James Ledoux has shoved us (albeit lovingly and willingly) into