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As creatives we are out-of-the-box thinkers, right" Then why do so many designers stay “in-the-box” when it comes to thinking about their careers" Interior designers gather information, find inspiration and create innovative solutions to complicated problems. Yet when

What the Future Holds for Creatives
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Pick up any of the recent books by

How To Study For NCIDQ's IDFX
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This is the first year that new interior design graduates can take a section of the NCIDQ Exam, and it is a terrific opportunity. Passing the Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX) is a great way to distinguish yourself

Qpractice - Helping You Pass The NCIDQ Exam
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Interior design as a career choice has really taken off with exposure from HGTV and the new online media explosion where anyone with an internet connection and a following can build a lucrative audience. We’ve gone from watching

Advice For Interior Design Students: Interior Design is more than paint chips and plans.
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Attention Professionals – Even though this piece is geared towards students on the verge of launching their design careers, its message is worth a read. The five pieces of advice just might remind you of a

Work Your Network - Part 3
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Work Your Network - Part 2
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Since I published the first part of this article, I’ve spoken to several student groups on the topic of networking. This essential career-building skill is not one that educators often have time to fit into their already over-stuffed

Transition from Employee to Owner
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When this topic first popped into my mind, all of the obvious differences between being an employee and an owner came to mind as well. They are the typical, structural differences: the work-day schedule shift, dissolving the

Work Your Network - Part 1
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Let"s face it. Between worrying about passing tests, surviving group projects, and building a portfolio, the typical interior design student has dedicated only about 17 brain cells to networking. " | Sometimes you

The Initial Consultation -Part 2
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EDITOR’S NOTE: If you missed Part 1 of Amy’s advice on The Initial Consultation, then catch yourself up