What Makes Me Happy: Brazilian Jazz
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With Valentine’s Day and The Grammy Awards both around the corner, I thought I’d mention my love of Brazilian Jazz. With its quiet tones and beautiful melodies, this musical genre always makes me feel good. Whether purely instrumental

What Makes Me Happy: The Muppets
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My remedy for a less than stellar day? The Muppets. Just looking at a photo of this cast of nutty characters magically lightens my mood in an instant. Their humor, earnestness, frustration, sweetness, crankiness, silliness, optimism, and, ultimately,

What Makes Me Happy: Rosemary and Mint
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Individually these two herbs can easily stand alone with their unique and powerful properties, but together rosemary and mint send my spirits soaring. The combination never fails to provide an instant mental pick-me-up that is simultaneously invigorating and

What Makes Me Happy: A Hot Shower
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Almost nothing makes me feel better - both physically and mentally - than a hot shower. And I mean a really hot shower. The kind that make dermatologists cringe. You can scold me for using almost scalding hot

What Makes Me Happy: My Mom’s Calendars
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My mom is a photographer, and for the last decade or so she has been creating calendars for friends and family members as Christmas presents. They have become an annual bright spot for me (and, I suspect, for

CBS Sunday Morning
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The long-running television program CBS Sunday Morning is absolutely “must-see TV” for me. It doesn’t matter if I watch it live while sipping a cup of coffee and petting my lap-loving cat or if I record it to

What Makes Me Happy
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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a pretty happy person. Whether it’s due to my genes or my upbringing, it’s just part of who I am. For three years I have had this idea bouncing