compass to navigate
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Want to steer your career in the right direction? No need to travel anywhere to plot your course. All you need is a keyboard and you’re ready to navigate! NCIDQ offers an informative presentation called "Your Journey to

organized color folders
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You landed the perfect job. The firm was excellent, the tasks were challenging, and your supervisor gave you a lot of responsibility. You gained all the work experience hours you needed to take the NCIDQ Examination, so you

eco-friendly go green
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A new year means new resolutions, and NCIDQ is no exception. We have resolved to “go green” in 2008, and prepared to make it happen. In fact, we have already taken steps to accomplish this important, organization-wide goal.

Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution
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The first of January is always a good time to start something new. For the overindulgent, a diet. For the spendthrift, a budget. For the forgetful, a schedule. For an organization, new policies. And NCIDQ is one of

catch the fever
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Something is going around this season, and it’s not the flu, chicken pox, or dinghy fever. In fact, instead of being debilitating, it’s quite invigorating – for your burgeoning interior design career, that is. Yes, judging by the

compass map
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As the next generation of designers – that's you! – enters the workforce, they need training and support. IDEP is a framework foryou to get broad, high-quality career experience inyour first years on the clock. Plus, it helps

Q And A
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In last month’s installment, we covered many solid A’s to some frequently asked Q’s, and this month we’ve got even more info bits to set your gray matter at ease about the exam that’s often the source of

Questions And Answers
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NCIDQ HQ receives a host of inquiries from anxious, aspiring interior designers curious to find out the Who / What / How / When / Where of the exam. As you might imagine, the same questions surface again

supervising employees
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Last month we introduced you to IDEP, NCIDQ's Interior Design Experience Program. For those looking to sit for the NCIDQ Exam, we covered what IDEP is, how it helps candidates prepare, and how to get started. Now it’s

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Pop quiz for students and recent graduates! Select one: A) Do you want to be the best one-stall bathroom designer in your city? OR B) Do you want to get a wide variety of experience that will give you the