How To Study For NCIDQ's IDFX
Qpractice – How To Study For NCIDQ’s IDFX
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This is the first year that new interior design graduates can take a section of the NCIDQ Exam, and it is a terrific opportunity. Passing the Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX) is a great way to distinguish yourself in the job market and show that you are serious about your career path as an interior designer. Plus, it complements a strong portfolio to make you the ideal job candidate. However, because this is the first time the new exam is being offered, there are not many study materials tailored to the new format and content. So how can you make sure you are really prepared? Here are three steps for you to follow for success:

1| Know What The Exam Covers

The best part about the IDFX is that most of it should be a review of what you learned in school, and now is the time to take it while your knowledge is still fresh.

In order to be successful, you have got to understand what you will be tested on.

NCIDQ has provided an outline of the content on the exam and how many questions there are for each content area. This is what you will need to review – do not waste time studying material that you will not be tested on this time around.

The Qpractice study plan uses the Interior Design Reference Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the NCIDQ® Exam by David Kent Ballast for a good overview of the NCIDQ Exam content.

We have put together a free study schedule based upon the NCIDQ content areas just for PLiNTH & CHiNTZ readers. Read on to learn how to get it.

2| Schedule It

Now that you know what you need to cover, commit yourself to a plan to review a specific amount of material on a regular weekly schedule.

If you do not schedule it, it will not get done.

Work backwards from the exam date and allow yourself plenty of time. Be sure to include at least one extra week so that you can run behind and still cover all of the material.

3| Test Yourself

While the goal of any good study plan is to build your overall knowledge of the topic, there is still some stuff that you will just have to memorize.

Flash cards can be a great way to build and test your recall of the topics that you have to remember.Highlight specific codes or unfamiliar concepts and terminology as you read, and make these into flash cards. Save money by using plain index cards for this.

Finally, you will want to take a good practice test.

qpractice-logo.jpg Qpractice has put together an online multiple choice practice exam to help you test your knowledge and familiarize you with taking the exam on a computer.

Our 3-hour online practice exam includes 125 questions and is based on the official NCIDQ content breakdown. You can take it as many times as you need to, and because the questions are delivered from a random pool, no two test sessions are the same.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: GO HERE to find out more about Lisa League and why she created Qpractice.