Research Funding for AAHID
A Healthy Infusion Of Research Funding
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research_funding-title.gifIf research is the backbone of a profession, then the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers [AAHID] and Nurture by Steelcase are some of the interior design industry’s supportive spinal braces. The organization that board-certifies interior designers in the healthcare field has joined forces with the healthcare solutions company to offer a $7,500 research grant to an ambitious graduate student keen to study the design of healthcare environments, in search of new findings for improvements within these spaces.

The fellowship was established to invite fresh and alternative thinking from those studying interior design in healthcare settings, with the ultimate goal of providing improved patient outcomes through design.

Last year’s winner, Amy Griffin, who graduated from Florida State University with an MFA in Interior Design will present at the 2013 HCD [Healthcare Design] conference in Orlando on Monday, November 18.

research_funding-aahid_nurture.jpgAmy commented on the fellowship saying, “Growing up I spent a lot of time in a veteran hospital with my grandpa. Even at that young age, I thought why does it have to be this way; why are environments built for healing not conducive to healing” When I was working on my thesis, which focuses on healthcare environments, I saw the opportunity to apply for this fellowship. I jumped at the chance to gain deeper insights into these complex spaces, paying particular attention to the professional caregiver. Because of that focus, my findings represent a new perspective for the optimal healing environment model.”

The fellowship is open to all graduate-level students who are interested in research on healthcare interior environments. The award is in the amount of $6,000.00 and includes a full conference registration, plus a stipend valued at up to a $1,500 for travel expenses to present at the 2014 HCD conference. The individual selected will also be provided a mentor from AAHID.

The deadline for proposal submission for the 2014 AAHID Fellowship is Monday, December 2, 2013 at 5:00pm CT. GO HERE to find out more and how to apply.