7 Roadblocks To Passing The NCIDQ Exam
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Passing the NCIDQ Exam may seem like a long and winding road, but we’re here to help you navigate the most common roadblocks that are keeping you from where you want to go.

#1 Attitude

Do you feel like studying today? Not really? How you approach your NCIDQ Exam preparation can predict whether you’ll pass or fail. This can indicate how open you are to learning new things, how you’ll work around a difficult problem, and what you’ll do after a failure.

#2 Time

You have a lot going on: family, work, weekend projects, errands, and life. There’s just isn’t enough time. Good news. You’re given 24 hours everyday. Just like everyone else. So manage it wisely.

#3 Not having a Study Schedule

Do you think you have a better system to prepare for the exam? Maybe you do. But we have a solid schedule designed to take out all the I-thinks and the maybes out of your plan. It’s there for a reason.

#4 Entitlement

You built a company or worked for one for several years. The systems and processes you know are all you ever need to get the answers, right? So why does the practice test tell me I’m wrong? Quit thinking that because you’ve been doing this for years, you’re owed something. You’re not. Matter of fact, none of us are. So let’s get to work.

#5 Thinking Small

It’s just the NCIDQ. Well, it’s not just the NCIDQ. Earning your NCIDQ Certificate can pave the way for a bigger paycheck or a stronger interior design career. So you are not just an interior designer.

#6 Overthinking

Paralysis by analysis. How long does it take you plan your space? How long does it take for you to understand a new concept? Sometimes you already get it but then you start listening to the voices in your head and…Stop! Just start doing it.

#7 Doing Nothing

If we don’t see you in Office Hours or in the study group, we don’t see your drawings, we don’t see any progress in your course either. Not a peep. Your presence keeps other members motivated that they are not alone. The first step in life is showing up. And if you want to do well on the NCIDQ Exam, you’ll show up and join us in Qpractice, too.

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