Your Career Journey – Education is the Foundation
Your Career Journey – Education is the Foundation
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While future designers all across the country are returning to the classroom, they are not the only designers who need to think about education. Lifelong learning is critical to the success of an interior designer. Designers need to stay in tune with the world around them and continue to learn about different cultures, technologies, product innovations, code issues, psychology, human behavior, business practices, etc. When it comes to a career in interior design, education is the foundation. Graduating with a design degree marks the beginning of your career journey.




ASID has focused special attention and program development on helping emerging design professionals to continue to educate themselves. The organization strives to provide opportunities for emerging professionals to expand their knowledge and experience in the following categories:

PROfessional Development

We are excited to support ASID’s initiative September 18th -19th during the GoPRO/NYC event. We will be focused on PROfessional Development and working with attendees to commit time and energy to personal branding, networking and strategic career development. Our workshop will share information from our soon to be published book in order to help attendees start thinking about what sets them apart from the competition, see themselves as a marketable brand, approach networking opportunities with confidence, and leverage connections to build meaningful professional relationships.

While this ASID event provides emerging professionals an opportunity to embrace lifelong learning, designers at all levels of their career need to identify opportunities to expand their minds, connections and worldview.

Open Your Mind & Open New Doors

Do you like to read? When it comes to lifelong learning and overcoming obstacles, sometimes all you need is to pick up a book, read an inspirational blog post or be inspired by a magazine article. Digest all of the design information that you can, but don’t limit yourself to industry knowledge. Follow business leaders on social media, read about different industries, educate yourself on smart business practices.

Jenny Schrank & Aga Artka

Jenny Schrank & Aga Artka

Expand your horizons and open your mind to new possibilities. This knowledge will have great impact on your career journey. If you need a place to start, then consider the following sources that we find inspirational.

Inc. | magazine and website
WIRED | magazine and website
Seth Godin | books and blog
ASID ICON | magazine and blog
Our book | coming soon

Learn, Grow & Connect

If not through reading, learn through experiences. Exciting things happen when you walk out your front door. We have talked about the importance of attending industry events before. Look for opportunities to learn, grown and connect close to home and far away. Events, conferences and travel experiences take you beyond the pages of a book and become your lifelong learning studio classes.

Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone, talk to people, take interesting classes, and explore the world around you. These moments will teach you more about yourself and help you to develop and promote The Brand of You. Need some help deciding where to go? Start with our Take Your Passion on the Road article for industry related events (Just be sure to do your research and look for the current event dates.)

Whether you are currently spending your days in the studio and classroom or living the life of a real world interior designer, remember that education is the foundation and a constant stimulus of a successful career. Be committed, be passionate and enjoy every step of your career journey.

Aga Artka, Allied ASID, LEED AP, and Jenny Schrank, Allied ASID, work together to educate and motivate young design professionals to take charge of their lives and build careers of their dreams. They wrote a book on personal branding, networking and strategic career development (anticipated publication date in early 2015).

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