Office Partypalooza – How Not To Make This A Holiday Party Everyone Will Remember
Etiquette 16 years ago No Comments

contributed by Amy Johnson [style dominatrix / idea machine / sidekick / ninja]

Despite the title “Party”, a work party still has that nasty little adjective in front of it: “Work”. This is not the time to “Get Down on It” to your choreographed Vanilla Ice routine, revive your legendary beer bong skills, or let Mike in Accounting see the True You ” you know, the wild, dangerous, outrageous You ” complete with concealed tattoos that you”ll regret after age 40. Make the most of the opportunity and don”t let everyone remember you for all the wrong reasons this holiday season.

No, no, children (and adults who act like children). This is a time to mix and mingle and get to know others in the firm a bit better, but NOT in the biblical sense. For example…