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(pronounced a-fehk-TAY-shehn)

If someone you know often has an affectation, try not to slap him or her, though it will take a great deal of will power. (Eye-rolling might be a safer alternative.) An affectation is the act of exhibiting pretentious behavior that is not at all natural to a person’s personality and normal demeanor; when someone is a “fake” or artificial in conduct, speech, and/or emotional expression. In other words: putting on a “show” for the people around you. Leave affectations to The Master Thespian. “Acting! Thank you!”

EXAMPLE: While taking minutes at the meeting, Yvonne resisted the temptation to record the derogatory whispers in response to Jon’s relentless, cringe-worthy affectation, which he mistakenly felt earned him respect instead of jeers.