broken pediment
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(pronounced BROH-kehn PE-deh-mehnt)

Just because a pediment is broken, it doesn’t mean that it needs to be fixed. In other words, a broken pediment isn’t the same as a broken column or chair leg – it was actually designed this way. A pediment is the triangular area above a cornice that forms a gable of a low-pitched roof (if used architecturally) or provides a place for ornament (if used on furniture or decorative accessories). A broken pediment then occurs when the top two symmetrical pieces of the triangular space do not meet at a point – hence, broken by a gap. Just like in a pediment, the space in a broken pediment is often decorated with a relief, sculptural figure, or finial. Interior items that often feature this of classic architectural design include headboards, clocks, china cabinets, secretaries, and mirrors.

See also: cornice, finial, relief