ceramic metal halide
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(pronounced seh-RA-mihk MEH-tuhl HAY-leyed)

Not too long ago, the technology for ceramic metal halide [CMH] lamps came on the scene. What once was new and in short supply, is now readily available and frequently specified. These lamps developed as an alternative to incandescent and halogen sources, matching their light quality but surpassing energy efficiency. And though metal halide lamps have a decent lumen per watt ratio, they often get a bad rap for decreased light output over time and poor color rendition, casting displeasing shades of blue and pink. CMH sources, on the other hand, solve these problems, including the ability to add the “sparkle” that fluorescent lamps cannot. The extra bonus is that manufacturers offer them in the same types and sizes as some of the more recognizable halogen lamps, such as PAR lamps.

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