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(pronounced chints)

Most everyone knows that this is a type of fabric – that’s why we made it part of our name. Interior Decorator Mario Buatta, affectionately known as “The Prince of Chintz,” popularized the fabric in the 1980s and early 90s, but it’s been around for much longer. The name chintz comes from the word “chint,” a Hindi word that means “spotted.” During colonization, the Europeans spotted it (pun intended), fell in love with it and adapted it for their own use, first on china and then on fabrics. Chintz is a cotton fabric that’s glazed to make it shiny and to protect it from soiling. Most people think of bright floral prints when they think of chintz, but it can be one color on a neutral background or just one solid color. You can – and some people do – use it on anything: draperies, pillows, upholstery, bed coverings, etc. See the PLiNTH & CHiNTZ logo background for a stylized example.
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