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(pronounced KLOH-zer)

Come a little closer… No, we’re not talking about snuggling here, we’re talking door hardware. Not necessarily as fun, but important all the same. A “closer” is the device that closes — and subsequently latches — a door in a smooth, controlled sweeping action after the door has been opened and then released. You might also hear people refer to this hardware as a “door closer,” a “self-closer,” a “self-closing device,” or “self-closing hardware.” Closers are used not just because people are lazy, don’t shut the door and cause security problems. Mainly, they are used for fire safety. Closing a door will not only deter flame spread, but also will hinder the spread of suffocating smoke as well. Overhead doors closers are definitely the most common, but other types exist (even hidden ones), and all come in a variety of sizes and strengths to accommodate different weights of doors.