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(pronounced KOR-niss)

A word of many meanings. Let’s run them down for you:

  1. In its most classical sense, it means the third or uppermost division of an entablature, resting on the frieze. (Lots of architectural terms here.) Also related: The exterior trim of a structure at the meeting of the roof and wall.
  2. In its most common usage, it means crown molding, i.e. an ornamental molding of wood, plaster, or synthetic material that runs around the walls of a room, just below the ceiling. Also related: The molding forming the top member of a door or window frame.
  3. In its second most common usage, it’s another word for a valance – a horizontal element covering the top of window curtains and concealing the mechanism. These can be shaped, lined, and in a variety of finishes. Also related: Any molded projection crowning or finishing the part to which it is affixed.