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(pronounced FA-shee-ah or FAY-shee-ah)

Fascia is another one of those words that means a million different things in a wide variety of industries, including the medical, automotive, and design fields. Of course we’re focusing on the latter, so let’s try to sort it all out:

1. A very simple molding of a thin, blank band. This somewhat like a fillet, but it’s never rounded.

2. A decorative trim or panel projecting from the face of an interior or exterior wall. Face = Fascia.

3. The front of an object – usually a part that conceals some part of the object. Again, think Face = Fascia.

4. A flat piece that runs horizontally along the eaves of a roof, typically concealing the ends of roof rafters as to give the roof edge a more finished look. The fascia does double duty by providing a foundation for attaching gutters.

5. Also related to roofs…. It can be used to describe the flat, horizontal board enclosing the overhang under the eave, which covers the joint between the top of the exterior wall and the projecting eave.

6. Lastly, you can call out the nameplate / signage over the front of a retail establishment as fascia.

See also: fillet, cornice, and valance