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(pronounced per-AN-num)

A Latin-derived adverb meaning in or for each year. In other words, a cooler way to say yearly.

Example: After Jack accepted the position as buyer for the antique auction house, he

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(pronounced per-KAHN-truh)

This adverb should be easy to remember because it means by way of contrast or on the contrary, both of which contain the “contra” part anyway.

Example: The twins have quite different

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(pronounced per-KAL or per-KAYL)

A type of weave that is used a great deal for bedding, percale is made of either 100% cotton yarns or a cotton-polyester yarn blend. The "thread count" of a

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(pronounced per-FUHNK-ter-ee)

You know when you do something that you don’t really want to do, so you execute the task at hand superficially and with no gusto" Or when you’re doing

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(pronounced par-eh-pa-TEH-tick)

This multi-syllabic word can be used as a noun, but you’ll see it most as an adjective. Though it originated as meaning one who follows the Greek philosopher Aristotle, we use it today

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(pronounced PER-kweh-zeht)

This noun means a benefit, gain, or earnings supplementary to regular salary or pay, but it can also mean a tip or gratuity.

Example: One

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(pronounced per-SPEHK-tiv)

We all need a healthy does of perspective, but in this case we’re talking about a drawing that is drawn with perspective, which, to confuse you further, is actually referred to as a