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(pronounced freez or free-ZAY)

This tricky word can mean two completely different design-related things, depending on how it’s pronounced. We’ll explain…

In its architectural sense, it’s pronounced “freez” (rhymes with “bees”) and describes the middle horizontal section of an entablature (between the architrave and the cornice), which can be plain or decorated with relief. The term can also be used, however, to refer to any ornamental band that exists on a building, piece of furniture, or decorative art item.

Now let’s do a 180 and talk about its other meaning, which is pronounced “free-ZAY.” This term refers to a heavy, durable, often messy looking textile with a rough surface. When applied to carpet, it describes a pile surface comprised of completely uncut loops that are tightly twisted or of a combination of uncut and patterned cut loops. This type of carpet is quite popular in American homes because of its resiliency.

See also: cornice, entablature, relief