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(pronounced rhymes with mile, eye, child)

If you talk to an engineer, the first thing that will come to mind when hearing the word “pile” are those long, slender columns of timber, steel, or reinforced concrete driven into the ground to carry a vertical load. However, if you talk to a designer about pile, most likely an entirely different image will surface. In fact, the image will actually be that of a surface because pile is a velvety surface produced by lots and lots of filling yarns that form raised loops that are then cut and sheared. The term is most often used when talking about carpets and rugs, i.e. cut pile, pile height, thick pile, etc. Cut pile is a universal favorite on one’s bare feet, particularly if it is extra thick. The denser it is, the softer it is, and the plusher it is, the more expensive it is. Gotta love plush.