power poles
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Sounds like something a super hero might use, huh? Far from it. Power poles are generally hated by designers, but loved by facility managers. Why” They are highly functional, easy to use, and easy to move, yet traditionally unattractive. When core drilling is out of the question for budgetary, scheduling, structural, or practical reasons, power poles are everyone’s friend. They allow power – and now, since their original conception many years ago, data connectivity – to reach workstations from the ceiling instead of through the floor or wall. The electrical and data service runs from the floor’s building core out into the plenum, down through the power poles, and directly to the work areas. Every open office furniture manufacturer makes their own poles to complement their lines, and now many are so aesthetically pleasing and/or architecturally integrated that designers don’t mind using them; however, many electrical equipment manufacturers have their own basic styles as well. Note: Power and data should usually be run in separate poles to avoid service interference. However, some poles have a septum (i.e. divider) that is effective for separation of services.

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