Rentable Square Footage
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(pronounced REN-teh-behl skwair FU-tij)

In the world of commercial real estate and tenant development, Rentable Square Footage is a big deal because it determines how much money the tenant will have to shell out for its space. It’s a bit confusing, but we’ll try to break it down. Rentable Square Footage is the Usable Square Footage plus the tenant’s determined share of the Building Common Areas. This share, called both the pro-rata share and the Rentable/Usable (R/U) Factor, typically lands in a range between 1.10 – 1.16. But how does the building management come up with the R/U Factor” It divides the entire building’s Usable Area into the Total Rentable Area of the building. We told you it was a bit confusing…

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