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(pronounced SEK-shun)

Of course, you can use this word as a verb (think of sectioning an apple before gobbling it up), but we’re talking about the noun variety here. As you might imagine, a section is a slice through something, albeit imaginary. It is a visually descriptive representation of what would appear if one literally sawed through it. A sectional drawing is just one more way that we can communicate three-dimensional ideas in a two-dimensional way. They can be used for presentations as well as construction documents.

So who uses them” Just about everyone. Interior designers (cabinetry and custom furniture), architects (buildings and construction details), structural engineers (parking garages and bridges), manufacturers (furniture, light fixtures and, frankly, any product that isn’t directly created by nature). Heck, even the medical field use them to virtually dissect through bodies, exploring for blood clots, tumors, blockages, and a myriad of nasty, life-saving stuff. How do you like them apples”