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(pronounced WELT-ing)

You know how when your annoying little brother used to hit you (out of any supervising adult’s sight line, of course), occasionally leaving a nasty raised mark on your body (which really got him into trouble)” That’s called a welt. Use this less than attractive visual image to remember what welting means in the design industry: a raised seam on an upholstered item that is used for both support and decoration. Welting trims out upholstery seams where the textile meets wood or metal frame or where two textile pieces come together. It is usually made up of cord wrapped in fabric, but leather can also be used to cover the cording. Once you start paying attention, you’ll see welting everywhere: pillows, window treatments, headboards, upholstered walls, car, plane and boat interiors, luggage, handbags, shoes, and clothing. Welts can be used singly or in multiples for extra ornamentation. They can be large and shirred or small and smooth. And just to clarify: a welt is a single portion of cording, while welting refers to the cumulative welts on an item.