Room to Rebloom: Interior Design Empowering those Affected by Domestic Violence
Room to Rebloom: Interior Design Empowering those Affected by Domestic Violence
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No matter where you look or what you are reading the issue of domestic violence has surfaced. The recent events in the NFL have bought this issue to the forefront. But what happens when the celebrity fanfare dies down? The common advice to the victims is to “get out”, but then what? Where will these women go? More importantly, what environment will these women and their children encounter when they “get out”? Will their space allow for healing and growth?

These questions were posed a year ago when I was approached to join four other women in starting a non-profit organization called Room to Rebloom. Our mission is to empower and create healing home environments for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence.

Room to Rebloom has partnered with Washington, D.C. based domestic violence organization House of Ruth to create such environments. Our first project was to re-design two public spaces in one of House of Ruth’s multi-family properties where thirteen women and twenty-six children reside.

This scope was bigger than we anticipated, but it was far reaching and has an impact not just on one family but multiple. However, we didn’t just present a design to these women. We wanted to empower and engage them in the design process allowing them to have a voice in crafting their own environment.

For Room to Rebloom to bring this project to fruition, it needs the help of the Architecture & Design community. We have initiated an extensive fundraising effort at Room to Rebloom. We need to raise $30,000 so the voices of these abused women and children can be heard. This goal will bring this project to life by the Thanksgiving holiday.

Your donations and support can confirm for them that good design should be accessible to everyone. Please assist us in giving to those who seldom ask but have the greatest need.

  • CLICK HERE to view a video to find out more about the design process and working with these women.
  • CLICK HERE to visit Room to Rebloom’s Facebook page to see “before” photos of the project.

About the author: Kia Weatherspoon, Allied ASID, president of Determined By Design, donated design services in conjunction with ASID’s partnership with Public Architecture’s 1% Project. If you are interested in donating design services and/or products for future Room to Rebloom projects, please email her here.