Jason Jones
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Jason Jones is our first. Our first residential designer that we’ve had the privilege of profiling, that is. Well, we really shouldn’t be so limiting. Jason takes on all sorts of projects: primary residences, condominiums, vacation homes, bed & breakfasts, sanctuaries, law firms, investment firms and restaurants. And he doesn’t restrict himself geographically either. Besides in his now home base of Dallas, he has completed projects in New Orleans’ Garden District; Vail, Colorado; Washington, D.C.; Casper, Wyoming; Little Rock, Arkansas; Annapolis, Maryland; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Hawaii; and the exotic locale of the Island of Provo in Turks & Cacaos. Talk about frequent flyer miles.

This ambitious 28-year-old started his own firm – J. Jones & Company, Interior Architecture & Design – in October 2003 and has never looked back. But let’s back up a little so that you’ll understand how he arrived at where he is today…

Jason attended Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas for four years and the University of Central Arkansas in Conway for two years. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Pre-Architecture while minoring in Business Marketing. Though he learned essential information about codes and the like in school, he wants readers to know that “practice and travel are the ultimate in developing your taste, style, and the way you hope to function as a designer.”

In order to jumpstart that creative evolution, Jason worked hard to land his first job out of school, which was with Chandler & Associates in Little Rock . Jason reports that it was a great one. “The firm offers three design courses each year with extreme ‘hands on’ study and application. I took the summer session and was not only thoroughly impressed with the plethora of knowledge in ‘real life’ experiences I had gleaned from that experience, but I was also able to truly see inside the workings of an amazing firm. I had once read in Southern Accents of Chandler & Associates and even then wanted to be a part of the firm. I marketed myself and my credentials as best as I could and truly was blessed to have been hired. The firm’s work spans the continent of North America , the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands . I was blessed not only to have assisted in many of the projects, but also to oversee others as well during my five years of service there.”

The Durango, Colorado native then moved to Dallas and worked one more year for a firm before feeling confident enough to strike out on his own. His motivation” “I very much like every part of a project. I have basically continued in the fashion of the past firms in which I have been a part. I draw floor plans, work with Architects and Builders, spec most of the interior/exterior finishes and trims, and plan the furniture phase where I blend furniture loved by the client with new and antique pieces, either ordered or shopped. I have always wanted to have my own business, and I found the timing to be appropriate. I am in my late twenties and truly want to enjoy life to the fullest. My ultimate goal for each project is to have fun, have a great client relationship, and be proud of what we have accomplished together.”

So what is Jason’s method for landing projects” “The majority of my clients come from referrals and word of mouth from my established clients. I really like to work with clients who have either seen my previous work or have been strongly urged to call me from their friends and family. I do not market or advertise mainly because I have not needed to, but I feel that projects can ‘get off their feet’ much quicker if a confidence level – due to word of mouth or a friend – has already been established rather than just calling me because they saw my name in print. A word of advice to readers: It really only takes one very proud client to get you ‘off your feet.’”

At the moment Jason is not a member of any professional organizations. When he attended college, he was a student ASID member and was even President at one time. However, he does believe that it is quite important to be a part of an industry group, especially while in school. He does have plans to join back in soon, but he admits it will always be a timing challenge: “Luckily I am extremely busy, and I want to keep all of my clients happy.”

And how does Jason work to stay current with what is going on in the design industry” “My eyes are always ‘open.’ I tend to get inspiration from everything, whether it is traveling, watching and listening to people, clothing styles and fabrics, historical portraits, books and magazines.”

Jason is quite a positive person, but one thing definitely riles him. “I cannot stand to be called a ‘decorator’ – not that there is anything wrong at all with those who function under that terminology. I just feel that my approach is much more structured and artistic. I would much rather be coined with the term of a designer or artist.”

We here at PLiNTH & CHiNTZ are very happy to spotlight such a productive, optimistic, and talented designer. Jason’s outlook on life and work is admirable and worthy of recognition. He let us know that his “main concern is making sure the client is not only happy, but completely satisfied that their home is a perfect reflection of their own personality.” No wonder he doesn’t have to advertise.

Now for the lighter side…

P&C: What was your first job ever (not in the design industry)”
JJ: Taco Bueno. I was 16, and I believe it lasted a whopping 3 weeks. I love tacos, but Ididn’t much like smelling like them.

P&C: Where have you always wanted to go but never had had a chance to visit”
JJ: France. Specifically, the palace of Versailles . I hope to tour it in February.

P&C: What’s your favorite Christmas tradition”
JJ: Decorating the main “family” tree with my family and extended family.

P&C: What do you do for fun”
JJ: I love to run, read, and go snow skiing.

When asked if he minded if we listed his email address so that readers could contact him with questions, Jason warned: “I don’t mind – the only problem is that I’m just not very good at checking it.” An honest answer. Considered yourself warned. jjonesandcompany@hotmail.com Just be patient with this busy guy, OK”