Sara King Andrews
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contributed by Amy Johnson [field reporter / stylist / comedienne]

“Students should try to complement the business of interior design with the activity of interior design. The idea is to make money, hopefully by improving the quality of environments for others through thoughtful, dynamic, and sustainable design solutions.” SaraKingAndrews.gifWell said! Sara Jane King, aka Sara King Andrews, ASID, knows of what she speaks. (And don”t you just love a woman with an alias” We do.) In her twenty years in the business, her career has run the gamut from commercial design to residential design to art consulting for Art Dallas, Inc.


What”s that readers” Did you say “Huh” Art consulting”” Yes, we did. Here”s yet another facet of the interior design industry we want you to consider as you ponder your future in the business. And we”re thrilled that we met Sara so that she could introduce us to this niche.

Think of artwork as another “surface” to be selected ” one that plays as important a part as wall color or floor coverings or the casegoods and accessories chosen to complete the overall look and feel of a space. We”re not talking investment pieces that will help you retire at the ripe old age of 37 when you sell them for a mint at Sotheby”s. We”re talking original, reproduction, or custom art that is selected or created to complement a space”s design. But how do you get to Art Consultant from Interior Designer”