2020 ASID Foundation Research Grant Program
2020 ASID Foundation Research Grant Program
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2020 ASID Foundation Research Grant Program Is Open For Applications

Don’t miss out on receiving up to $20,000 in funding for research.

The ASID Foundation understands the importance of incorporating research into practice and seeks proposals that result in actionable design principles, guidelines, and/or tools that can apply in design projects.

The ASID Foundation is seeking proposals that generate empirical evidence to support design that is of interest to design practitioners, clients, and end-users. Completed research projects are to be developed into an educational resource that will be shared with the design community.

Focused Research Areas

Research Topic #1: Design Equity, Social Justice & Inclusion

Interior design strives to increase diversity within the profession, seeks representation that better reflects the population and stands against business practices that systemically/structurally harm minority populations. Design impacts lives, and designed environments should peacefully bring people together in difference and diversity. | How can physical environments activate equity, social justice and inclusion? How can we mobilize more diversity in design education and the profession overall?

Research Topic #2: Adaptive Environments Designed for Change/Human Resilience

We constantly make adjustments as we deal with erratic changes in our day-to-day lives. This has become increasingly more critical as COVID-19 has required rapid shifts personally and organizationally at both residential and commercial scales. We rely on the built environment to support our activities and behaviors, and at times, require spaces to quickly transform according to these varying demands. | How can we design physical environments that are adaptive, flexible and supportive of human resilience, as needed to meet the changing demands of the day?

Research Topic #3: Physical Proximity for Enhanced Organizational Outcomes

Technology has enabled several work efficiencies including globalization, remote connection and access to a multitude of resources. Psychology research has extensively examined the impact of distance business (e-commerce, telework, telehealth, tele-learning, etc.) on organizational outcomes, and organizations have provided support for work in the office, remote work and a combination of both. However, the context has changed with physical proximity being re-thought due to the impact of COVID-19. | How can physical environments enhance organizational outcomes in a time of prevalent distance business and changing views on physical proximity?

Grant Awards

Three (3) research grants will be awarded: one (1) project up to $20,000 and two (2) projects up to $10,000 each.

ASID Foundation Mission

The ASID Foundation advances the interior design profession by drawing upon its resources to promote meaningful collaboration and research, award scholarships and fund projects that broaden the value of interior design. Created in 1975, the ASID Foundation’s mission is to support endeavors that capture and disseminate knowledge, encourage innovation and benefit the health, safety and welfare of the public through interior design research, scholarships and education. The Foundation’s current initiatives include the National Building Museum Capital Council; The 1+ project with Public Architecture; CIDA’s Standards Development Project; the Transform Research Grant; as well as a comprehensive scholarship program.

Eligibility Requirements

Submissions must be from a multi-disciplinary team, with at least one team member in the interior design discipline.

Deadline & Announcement

Applications will be accepted through September 30, 2020, with all grant recipients announced late October 2020.