What Makes Me Happy: Naps
What Makes Me Happy: Naps
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The commencement of Daylight Saving Time is looming on the horizon. This annual practice of robbing us of an hour of weekend sleep by shifting the clock forward immediately brought naps to mind. Even as a child, naps made me happy. I was one of those geeky kids that never balked at them, and when I get the opportunity to take one now, it’s an absolute treat.

Why Naps

Just like food tastes always better to me when someone else cooks it, naps are always more satisfying than nighttime sleep. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I don’t get to indulge in them regularly, though maybe we all should.

Research has shown us how important sleep is to our overall wellbeing, and in our never-not-tethered electronic age, our sleep is suffering, and so are we. To learn more about changing attitudes towards rest, check out Arianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time.

My best naps happen during football season. It seems counterintuitive, but there is something about sleeping on the sofa with a football game noisily blaring in the background – with or without others around watching it – that sends me into some seriously deep REM sleep.

I love naps so much, in fact, that I have been known to get up a little earlier so that I can fit in a nap during the day. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it works. And it makes me happy.

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