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NCIDQ Launches Online Certificate Holder Search
NCIDQ&A 15 years ago No Comments

NCIDQ has launched a new feature on its Web site — the QSearch. This online registry is a free, public database that provides a listing of NCIDQ Certificate holders. The QSearch registry’s search feature is a benefit to active Certificate holders who wish to be searchable by the public. A consumer can use QSearch to locate and/or employ an active Certificate holder in his or her area.

QSearch, hosted on the NCIDQ Web site, allows any individual to search for active Certificate holders by several different search criteria: name, city, state/province, ZIP code, etc. Only an interior designer who has received the NCIDQ credential, remained an active Certificate holder and chosen to participate in this registry will be searchable.

NCIDQ established this registry to further its mission of public protection by allowing the public to know which interior designers have earned the NCIDQ Certificate. NCIDQ has published a list of every Certificate holder. The list displays a Certificate holder’s name, state/province (or country) and Certificate number.

“Our mission of protecting the health, life safety and welfare of the public is enhanced by offering the proper tools to facilitate that protection,” says NCIDQ Executive Director Jeffrey F. Kenney. “Our QSearch registry provides the public with its own device for searching and hiring the most qualified interior designers—those who have met the standard for education, experience and examination in North America and have earned the NCIDQ Certificate.”

For more information on QSearch or any of NCIDQ’s services, visit the Web site at or call 202-721-0220.

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