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NCIDQ Goes Viral
NCIDQ&A 14 years ago No Comments

Ever wanted to attend one of our free webinars but couldn’t find the time in your schedule? We understand, which is why we have created a new method of relaying information to you – pre-recorded webinar videos! Now you can experience our webinars on your own time, fast-forwarding to the information you care about. You can share these webinar videos with your friends or save them to watch when you want.

In our first published webinar video, listen to NCIDQ’s Executive Director Jeffrey F. Kenney discuss the test standards used to produce the NCIDQ Examination, or learn about the content of the updated exam from NCIDQ’s Exam Manager Andrew Stafford. You can download and view this recorded presentation anytime straight from our Web site or watch it instantly on our newly created YouTube channel.

Over the next few months, NCIDQ will be publishing special webinar presentations on unique topics ranging from how to apply for the exam to how to log your IDEP hours. If you wish to attend one of our regularly scheduled live webinars, click here to view our schedule and sign up!

About NCIDQ®

NCIDQ® is an organization of regulatory boards and provincial associations in the United States and Canada whose core purpose is to protect the health, life safety and welfare of the public by establishing standards of competence in the practice of interior design. More information about the organization may be found at