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NCIDQ Publishes Online Multiple-Choice Practice Tests for Exam Preparation
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Are you preparing for the spring NCIDQ Examination? If so, you’ll want to read on. NCIDQ has just released two multiple-choice practice tests for you to use when preparing for the NCIDQ Examination. The online practice tests are available exclusively through NCIDQ’s store, QShop, which is also linked from our Web site at NCIDQ has prepared two practice tests—one for each of the two multiple-choice exams. The tests each contain 75 questions, reflecting the same percentage of questions in each content area that appear on the actual exam. The practice tests are administered in a computer-delivered format, so you can study anytime and anywhere there’s internet access!

You take the practice test only once, but you have 90 days of access to complete the test and review your answers. While taking the practice test, you can click to choose a response, right click to strike out an incorrect response or mark the question to return to it later. You can even pause the test and come back to it at a later time. At the end of the practice test, you can review your answers and submit them to receive a score report immediately. The score report identifies your proficiency in each of the content areas tested and allows you to review all the questions and correct answers or focus strictly on the missed questions within a 90-day access window.

Please note that while the practice tests are delivered on a computer, the actual multiple-choice sections are still administered in the traditional paper-and-pencil format. The practice tests sell for $75 each. For candidates taking Section 3 (Practicum) of the examination, NCIDQ has Practice Design Problems for sale in QShop as well. This practice problem is all new and mirrors the new format of Section 3.

The multiple-choice sections of the exam will be administered at more than 60 locations around the United States and Canada on April 9 and October 1. The deadline for registering for the April administration has already passed, but there is still plenty of time to apply for the fall examination. Applications for the fall administration are due to NCIDQ by June 1, 2010.

Find complete information on NCIDQ’s exam prep materials and exam application information on the organization’s Web site,

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