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Are you prepared for the NCIDQ Examination coming up quickly on October 1 & 2, 2010, or on April 1 & 2, 2011 (which will be here before you know it)? If not, then NCIDQ has materials that can help! NCIDQ’s new Practice Design Problems (PDP) can definitely help you prepare for Section 3, the practicum section, by simulating the actual testing experience. The really good news is that NCIDQ has just released a second PDP to help you get serious about studying. This newest PDP (2010-01) is based on the last exam, which was just administered this past spring, and it includes three solutions to help you understand how the exams are scored.

Like the first PDP (2009-01), the all-new PDP is a complete sample examination that includes all the exercises you will encounter on the actual examination. It comes with problem booklets, building codes, 18″x24″ vellum drawing sheets and online examples of a passing and failing solution. Your online access begins upon purchase. The online solutions do not include the problem questions.

PDPs are available exclusively through the NCIDQ Web site. You can now purchase your PDP easily on our new online shopping cart. Click here to learn more and place your order today!

Now if what you need to concentrate on are the multiple-choice Sections 1 & 2, then you are also in luck because NCIDQ has an exciting new multiple-choice study option. This is the first time NCIDQ has produced practice materials for the multiple-choice exams. Each test consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. You can take the exam in one sitting or save it and come back when it’s convenient for you.

The multiple-choice examination is still a paper-and-pencil examination. Only the practice tests will be delivered on computer. We are providing you a new, faster and more convenient way for you to prepare for Sections 1 & 2.

To discover more about the content of the multiple-choice exams, visit our all-new Web site or click here.

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