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NCIDQ Amnesty Program for Certificate Holders Available Through End Of The Year
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NCIDQ]. There is still time to take advantage of this limited-time offer that expires at the end of the month. NCIDQ instituted the program last spring to ease the burden in a challenging economic climate for those interior designers who wanted to be active Certificate holders. You may reinstate your Certificate status for a flat fee of $90, which represents a significant if your Certificate status has lapsed for a few years.

Without the amnesty program next year, inactive Certificate holders who want to become active will pay a $55 annual fee, plus an additional $55 for each year they were inactive up to $260.

NCIDQ’s Certificate renewal program began in 1987 as an optional program for Certificate holders. The program is still optional, and your credential does not expire. When you participate in the renewal program, you help ensure that the NCIDQ Exam remains relevant and valid to the profession through practice analyses and updated content.

Your Certificate may be inactive because you passed the exam before the program went into effect or moved or changed email addresses. Those who elect to support NCIDQ through Certificate renewal receive additional benefits such as free CE tracking in NCIDQ’s online registry, free online credential verifications, permanent recordkeeping, the option to participate on committees and more. Each year, participants in the renewal program complete their renewal and payment online through their personal MyNCIDQ account, accessed through NCIDQ’s Web site.

Not sure if your Certificate is active or inactive” This is a good time to check before the prices go up in January. Use the “Sign in to MyNCIDQ” link at the top of the NCIDQ home to access your account. Every Certificate holder–active or inactive–already has an account; please do not create a new account. If you don’t know your user name or password or are unsure how to access your account, please contact the NCIDQ Customer Service Team at (202) 721-0220 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

The NCIDQ Crew reminds everyone that their office will be closed for the holidays from December 24-January 2, so if you need help accessing your account, please don’t wait!

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