Paris Deco Tour
Paris Deco Tour
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Paris Deco Tour

Question: Can “working vacation” really be work if it takes place in Paris? We say NO, especially if it involves the multihyphenate Deb Barrett.

About Deb Barrett

Deb is a designer-instructor-author-entrepreneur-consultant-and more. I could go on, but you can read all about her HERE. By the way, she’s also a past contributor to PLiNTH & CHiNTZ.

We suspect that she thrives on only four hours of sleep a night because she’s one of the most ubiquitous figures in the design industry we know. Her wild passions for textiles and trends act as both adrenaline and human growth hormone to fuel her highly mobile work schedule.

In short, Deb’s boundless energy and enthusiasm, as well as her vast experience and network, make her the ultimate tour guide.

New Year, New You

Everyone needs a little inspiration to kick off the new year, and Deb’s week-long Paris Deco Tour could be the cure for a creative block and/or the antidote to the winter blues.

Imagine joining her and a petite groupe of your design-loving peers January 17-23, 2018, for an intimate journey through The City of Light.

Not only will you attend MAISON & OBJET and Paris Deco Off, but you’ll have access to behind-the-scenes design destinations and experience a curated tour of Paris through a creative lens.

Vive L’Aventure!

It’s time to live a little and make some lifelong friends. Treat yourself to this “working vacation,” but do so quickly because the tour is limited to 10 lucky designers.

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