Inhalation By Candlelight
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contributed by Exenia R. [freelance writer / singer & dancer / design enthusiast]

Candles by Aroma Naturals imbue rooms with energy and life, awakening the senses with rich scents that fill rooms beautifully. All of their products are aroma-title.gifmade with pure essential oils with formulas based on real aromatherapy practices. The long-lasting, colorful candles smell delicious, and the company is dedicated to sustainability. What’s not to love”

Inhalation is simply not the same with a natural candle burning. A simple lighting not only ignites the wick, but kindles the aroma as well. The fragrance then fills the volume of the space, spreading more completely than with a typical wax candle. No company is at the forefront of this eco-friendly concept better than Aroma Naturals. Based in Irvine, California, their candles turn any room into an oasis, filled with the scents of real essential oils that have the power to calm, relax, or invigorate.

Celebrity Status

The candles are still growing in popularity, and all of them offer a true scent experience. They emanate lovely, concentrated fragrances that noticeably permeate the surrounding air – even when they are unlit.

The brand, which offers 19 aromatic blends, has already attracted a celebrity following. According to, “Keepers of the flame include Whoopi Goldberg, aroma-1.jpgSting, Donatella Versace, Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields, Tori Spelling, Celine Dion, and Deepak Chopra. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have even contracted to have a private label line mixed and poured.” The VegePure candles by Aroma Naturals were even chosen to be in gift bags at the 2003 Golden Globes and Emmys.

Pure & Profitable Products

Now a division of the Yankee Candle Company, Aroma Naturals began in 1993 in a California kitchen. There the hand-crafting began with certified aromatherapist, founder, and president Tina Rocca-Lundstrom. According to a 2007 company profile, they now see an estimated $2,000,000 in annual sales. This is certainly a testament to the growing popularity of holistic and natural products, as well as the developing wave of interest in the mood-enhancing practice of aromatherapy.

Formulas that have been tested by time yield the best results, and they all contain “100% pure plant aromas.” Many other companies claim to be “natural” while still adding synthetic fragrances to their candles, which can irritate some sensitive noses. However, Aroma Naturals stays true to their claims, using pure ingredients, including natural vegetable and soy waxes, as well as beeswax, and lead-free wicks. Certified, expert aromatherapists even hand-blend the essential oils in small batches to ensure that the scents are potent enough to truly lift moods.



French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé became fascinated by the healing properties of essential oils in 1928. A chemistry experiment led him to submerge his burning hand in what happened to be a container of lavender oil. Afterwards, he noticed that it healed more quickly, and with less scarring. His fascination led to research, and his research led to his writing of the book Aromatherapy, which has helped increase understanding of this ancient practice.

History tells us that aromatic medicine is indeed ancient, having been around for 6,000 years or more, especially as an important part of Egyptian culture. The Ayurvedic texts known as Vedas, dating back from 2,000 B.C., also mention the use of cinnamon, ginger, myrhh, and sandalwood in India. Many cultures throughout the centuries have understood that scents can generate healing and feelings of emotional and mental balance.


Making Sense of Scents

Aromatherapy works by moving through the olfactory nerves (responsible for processing scents), and stimulating the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and moods. The potent essential oils, which are derived from natural sources such as flowers, fruits, and spices, are extracted from the cells of plants with a steam distillation process (or a cold press process for fruits). According to, through steam distillation the plants are exposed to high temperatures, and the steam releases the essential oils. Those oils, also referred to as pure plant aromas, are 100 times more concentrated than the original plant fragrances.

Each of their candles has a title that suggests what emotion should be inspired by the scent it radiates. For example, “Clarity” (which contains orange and cedar) and “Insight” (a refreshing combination of bergamot and lime) both have a fresh feel that seems to part the air and separate the thoughts. “Meditation” would be natural to burn during a yoga session, and “Tranquility” and “Serenity”, which both contain lavender, might be perfect for a busy mom at the end of a long day. There are also unique combinations of vanilla, such as “Hope” (vanilla and rose), and “Wish” (vanilla and peppermint). A contrast to the scents that help one relax and unwind, “Vitality” (with peppermint and eucalyptus) is very energizing. Any of these burning pillars could transform an office space, hotel room, bedroom, or even an entire home’s ambience into one of olfactory bliss.


Natural Experiment

The company states that their mission is, and has always been, “to enhance people’s sense of well-being by providing them with the pure plant aromas proven to improve health and well-being.” Their candles certainly do so, and they last significantly longer than synthetically fragranced ones made with paraffin wax. They burn without leaving behind surfaces covered in soot. The air is purified by their natural ingredients, which burn free of carcinogens and toxins. Even the words on their boxes are printed in soy ink!

In applying the Feng Shui Bagua Map, I have placed both a “Passion” (nutmeg and ylang ylang) and a “Peace Ruby” (orange, clove, and cinnamon) candle in the love corner of my bedroom. (Hint, hint: Can’t a girl have both passion and peace in her love life”). One day I left the two small candles burning in the room, with the door nearly closed with a small heater going to combat the winter cold. An hour or two passed, and I forgot that they were burning. Now, I am certainly not recommending this kind of unattended candle-burning to others, but I will say that it resulted in a wonderful spicy aroma that crept to all corners of the space. I had heard that natural candles burned well, but when I returned to the room, I realized their real power for myself. Inhaling an alluring and romantic combination of spice, intensity and warmth, I realized I had chosen an excellent combination of scents with similar undertones.


Dollars and $cents

The consumer should feel good in lighting one of Aroma Naturals’ candles as the sustainable practices of the company are good for you and for the environment – and you don’t have to break the bank to reap these benefits.

There is an array of pillars, jars, votives, and tins from which to choose. The smallest candles, Aromatherapy To Go travel size tins, cost $6 USD, and the larger, more decorative sizes range from $11 (2.5 inches x 4 inches) to $16.50 (2.75 inches x 5 inches). The small candles that are contained in square, glass containers will cost $17, or a consumer can purchase similarly-sized, small votives without the glass containers. They are available individually in stores or online in packages of 18 for $49.50.

The tins and pillars are available at Whole Foods/Wild Oats Markets, as well as some Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and L.L. Bean stores. Available online are aromatic mist and linen sprays ($9.90) and electric wall diffusers of essential oils ($13.95). Their “Personal Air Purifier and Mist” ($6.99) comes in a small, glass bottle of dark glass, which protects the oils from the potential damage that can be caused by light, and plastic containers.


Up Close & Personal

All people have certain scents that resonate with them individually, and an aroma is inhaled first by the subconscious mind. The conscious mind can then recognize it, and this often triggers memories, bringing back feelings of familiarity. Some of the candles by Aroma Naturals are soothing, some are enlivening, and some are spicy – even sexy. They are all interesting and will add new flavor and energy any space. To find which scent would be best for you, Aroma Naturals has provided a guide to their essential oils, available online here. For more information on candle oils and colors, as well as all of their aromatherapy products that promote both health and atmosphere, visit

© 2008. Exenia R. is a freelance writer, singer, dancer, and design enthusiast. These all-natural and powerfully scented candles have been lovely additions to her life.