50 For 50 – Part 1
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50501.gifPLiNTH & CHiNTZ celebrated its fourth birthday last month, but this month marks the 50th Issue. To celebrate, we have decided to bring you one noteworthy item (in no particular order) – be it a product, producer, process or place – for every issue we have published. As not to strain your attention span, we’re breaking the list in two: 25 this month and 25 the next. Some are eccentric, some are ingenious, and some are just plain fun. So if you are looking for some specification options for your clients or just some gift ideas for the holidays, you are sure to find something on The List.

01 | Clear Future Markerboards
In our opinion, the world can never have enough markerboards. Who doesn’t yearn for a clean, smooth surface upon which to scribble and sketch one’s ideas when working out a solution or brainstorming with colleagues” So cast out the clunky, ugly, and junky and usher in the sleek, discreet, modern age that is the Future. [Now listed in P&C’s new! WHAT THE SPEC” section.]

02 | allPopart
Have you ever dreamed of Andy (if he were still skulking around The Factory) granting you your 15 minutes of fame by starring you in one of his Warholian montages” Or inspiring Roy enough to feature you as a character in one of his Lichtensteinian strips” The team of illustrators and artists at allPopart can grant your vanity wish. And if you decide to start thinking of someone other than yourself, they can even transform your nieces and nephews into Manga characters. I think I’m turning Japanese… [Now listed in P&C’s OTHER DESIGN JUNKIES section.]

50camoflauge.jpg03 | Camouflage Modern Functional Wall Art
We’re suckers for anything that balances the decorative, the practical and the amusing, and this wall element scores well in every category. The steel “blobs” that alternate in depths from 1.5” to 2.25” are powder-coated in white, black, plum, dark grey, lime and dark green. Not only do they provide a handy place for you to hang your bag, trench and scarf, but they turn any space into a happy place. [Now listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]

04 | Tryk
Our industry lives and breathes material samples, but there’s no reason that we can’t alter our practices a little to reduce landfill waste and oil use (consumed in the manufacturing process). Give Tryk a try the next time you work on presenting floorcovering, wallcovering or fabric options to a client. Tryk it – you’ll like it. [Now listed in P&C’s ECO SAVVY section.]

05 | Video: Andrée Putman & Morgans Hotel
The third time’s a charm. After a quarter century, the legendary designer Andrée Putman has completed design No. 3 for the equally as legendary Morgans Hotel in New York City. Building upon her original 1984 vision and then her 1996 refresh, she stays on message, which you can see for yourself in this video tour created by the Morgans Hotel Group.

06 | Rock and Royal
Their name truly says it all. This company offers the ultimate in luxury and glamour with a wink to the outrageous (in both form and price) by fabricating custom chandeliers in forms that are both punk (skull and cross-bones) and pop (champagne bottles). Out of The Netherlands, artist Hans van Bentem designs and fabricates these eye-catching light fixtures for both private, wealthy clients and hotel groups around the globe. [Now listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]

07 | Stair Porn
This site delivers exactly what it promises: stairs, stairs, and more stairs. If a good rise and run quicken your pulse and make you flush with excitement, then you’ll be returning to this site often for a little tread-on-tread action. They’ve got something for every fetish: from straight to spiral, reclaimed to prefab, concrete to carbon fiber. It’s OK to stair. [Now listed in P&C’s OTHER DESIGN JUNKIES section.]

50tad.jpg08 | Troy Adams Design
Fusion has worked for cuisine, and it definitely works for design. Troy Adams has drawn upon his background as a carpenter and customer cabinetmaker to create FusionDesign, finding inspiration from Asian detailing, European efficiency, and American practicality. From his Stainless Tansu Stepped Cabinet to his Hidden Screen Media Cabinet (pictured here), he knows how to blend in the Zen. [Now listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]

09 | Klean Kanteen
You’re peripatetic and you’re thirsty, but you hesitate using plastic bottles to tote your potables because of environmental reasons. What are you to do” Get yourself a colorful Klean Kanteen, the lightweight, reusable, durable, sanitary stainless steel alternative that keeps your water sparkling and stink-free. [Now listed in P&C’s ECO SAVVY section.]

10 | Bolon
This Swedish company invented woven vinyl flooring and has been manufacturing it for 30 years. (And you thought it was relatively new!) If you are looking for the texture and warmth of a natural material but desperately need durability and low-maintenance for high-traffic areas, then woven vinyl is an option. Plus, Bolon offers 50+ patterns and designs, so you’re sure to find the right fit. [Now listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]

11 | Kideko
Us creative types want creative stuff for our kids too (even if they aren’t ours – who doesn’t want to be The Fun Auntie or Uncle”). So if you are bored with the offerings found at your local mall or big-box store, then check out this boldly innovative group from Down Under. These Aussies have imbued a sense of style in humor into everything from height charts to bedding. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

12 | AirDye
AirDye is technology used to create products for the design industry. Rather than using copious amounts of water and energy, this proprietary process created by parent company Colorep, Inc. uses air to dye textiles. Plus, it applies color to thousands of filaments within each piece of yarn, which produces deep, vibrant hues. Look, mom – no water! [Now listed in P&C’s ECO SAVVY section.]

50metalformonsters.jpg13 | Metal for Monsters
Check out Blend Creations’ latest effort, which just happens to raise money for UNICEF. The dynamic duo responsible for this clever collaboration – graphic designer Eric Jean-Louis and industrial designer Vivian Cheng – have recruited artists for a special line of limited-edition stainless steel pendants. It’s the ultimate Monster Mash. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

14 | American Clay
Who knew that the stuff we used to squish through our fingers as kids could be a product we could specify for our clients to safeguard their health” American Clay creates flooring that repels allergens and does not off-gas illness-producing chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, thus improving indoor air quality. And it’s attractive, to boot. [Now listed in P&C’s ECO SAVVY section.]

15 | eeBoo
If we were 10-years-old, we’d think that we had died and gone to heaven at this site. eeBoo is a definitely a kid’s dream. With well-known children’s book illustrators as collaborators, they reinterpret wonderfully delightful products such as paper dolls, travel games, flashcards, diaries, journals, notebooks, and sketchbooks. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]
16 | Fabric Workshop and Museum
This is fabric as art, both as process and finished product. The Philadelphia museum inspires visitors not only by its exhibits, but also by allowing them to observe both established and up-and-coming artists working alongside permanent staff to create extraordinary pieces in the museum’s print and construction workshop. [Now listed in P&C’s OTHER DESIGN JUNKIES section.]

17 | It’s A Wrap!
If you ever dreamed of sporting one of Carrie Bradshaw’s couture skirts, wielding one of Xena’s swords or installing a Star Trek spaceship control panel in your media room, then you’re wanted on the set. It’s A Wrap! sells props and wardrobe pieces from a wide variety of television shows and films. A word of advice: Stay away from the casting couch.
[Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

50stardust.jpg18 | Stardust Glass
We can all use a little stardust in our lives, and Portland, Oregon- based artists Megan and Jason Coleman are more than happy to oblige. Using second-hand glass to create handmade, 87%-100% recycled content tiles in a variety of shapes and colors, they’ll add a bit of eco-friendly magic to any interior. [Now listed in P&C’s ECO SAVVY section.]

19 | Domestic
Ah, the French. They are a little bit crazy, no” Their eccentricities benefit us, however. Domestic offers a wild array of decorative creations by a wild array of artistes and graphique designers. From 3D wallpaper to mirrors-as-thought-bubbles to vinyl appliqués for walls (no goopy glue required), their imaginations are in overdrive. Must be the champagne. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

20 | MotoArt
These former architectural sign makers – whose work appeared in Disney and Universal Studios theme parks – now comb the country rescuing vintage and commercial aircraft parts. They pay homage to the proud history of aviation by transforming propellers into one-of-a-kind sculpture and furniture pieces. It’s the ultimate dude, but it’s far from crude. [Now listed in P&C’s ECO SAVVY section.]

21 | shopSCAD
A shameless plug for the groovy gallery store run by Savannah College of Art and Design, the alma mater of P&C Founder, Laura McDonald Stewart. The shop is unique in that it only features the work of SCAD students, faculty, staff and alumni. Go mad for SCAD. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

22 | Soothing Environments
Serenity now, but serenity how” Sometimes you just gotta get away – even in your own home. If a trip to Hawaii is out of the question and a trip to the spa is out of reach, then opt for a virtual vacation and a little R&R with Soothing Environments. They offer the visual and auditory stimulation of the beach to help take the edge off and restore some sanity. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

50culdesac.jpg23 | Cul de Sac
If you are bored with safe dishes, then branch out with these handmade, screen-printed ceramic pieces. With colors like robin’s egg blue, rose, and sea foam green, the palette is on the vintage side. And with images such as owls, fish, deer and squirrels, the motifs are on the whimsical side. (Unless you provide your own images, which is also an option.) Bonus: You can put them in your dishwasher alongside your dependable tableware. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

24 | Art Business News
It’s great to be an artist, but it’s not so great to be a starving one. Though an artist’s inspiration might not be money, art is undeniably a business, and this magazine explores the relationship between the two. From interviews to resources to show dates to marketing strategies, any creative trying to make art his or her full-time gig should take note. [Now listed in P&C’s OTHER DESIGN JUNKIES section.]

25 | Doorways Around The World
This site is pretty much the equivalent of Stair Porn, but for doors. Since every culture puts its own unique spin on this unifying architectural element that is both functional and symbolic, it is fascinating to compare global interpretations. Visitors can even submit their own images of ornamental intricacies and unusual materials – just be sure to follow the guidelines. [Now listed in P&C’s OTHER DESIGN JUNKIES section.]

Stay Tuned
There’s more where this came from. Next month we’ll attack the next 25 on The List. Oh, and feel free to email us your favorites for future lists at Just be sure to put “The List” in the subject line. If you send it along soon enough and it really catches our fancy, we’ll just bump something and include it next month.