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P&C’s wide-ranging 50 For 50 list proved to be a hit. To appease readers, we have created “4 To Explore,” an abbreviated HOT PROPERTY installment that we will include periodically to familiarize you with products and services that we feel are worth a mention. 4ToExplore.gif(Note that we will also be listing these items / manufacturers in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section as to provide readers with a consolidated list for one-stop-specifying. Additionally, the umbrella WHAT IN THE WORLD” section of links has returned this issue, and we will continue to add interesting finds to that as well.) You’re busy, and we’re busy, so in the spirit of brevity, let’s get down to it, shall we”

01 | Washi from Precious Pieces
We here at P&C are a sucker for anything influenced by the Japanese aesthetic, so we were delighted to find out about washi. Sustained from a rich national tradition, today this parchment paper can be incorporated into architectural elements such as LED-lighted wall inserts, freestanding room dividers and operational elements like pivot, pocket and sliding doors. Precious Pieces also offers Washi Art suitable for framing, as well as washi-covered lighted orbs that evoke the idea of the delicacy known as a 1000-year-old egg. Though the concept is ancient, the look is fresh.

4-Lumicor-digital_print.jpg02 | Digital Print by Lumicor
Lumicor is already well respected for its über-cool selection of resin-based panels offering design professionals options such as embossed geometric patterns and suspended botanicals. Now they’re diving into the printing technology pool, allowing designers to expand their repertoire. Whether for the application of intense, color-drenched images of a company’s product line in their corporate headquarters or more understated, subtle healing images blanketing a hospital’s waiting areas, Lumicor can rise to the occasion. Bonus: You even have the ability to dictate whether your image panels are translucent or opaque, offering even greater flexibility in application.

03 | Big Mango Trading Company
If you cannot afford a trip to Bali this year (yeah, neither can we), we have the next best thing: a trip to Big Mango Trading Company…or at least their website. Their offerings will make your senses soar even more than their name will make your mouth water. Our favorites include elaborate lounging beds, roughly carved Buddhist statuary, intricately detailed door panels, and beautifully variegated cuts of petrified wood along with unusual vessels and urns that can be used in either indoor or outdoor environments. Who are we kidding” We pretty much love it all.

4-Viking-portableinduction.jpg04 | Viking Portable Induction Cooker
What do you get when you mix half a cup of the Food Network with access to exotic ingredients, an economic downturn and amazing new technology” The perfect recipe to make dinner parties and family meals “in” again. Viking has been focusing on the latter on that list, and they have gone beyond the gadget to produce a portable induction cooker. Perfect for those facing an excess of guests to feed and/or a lack of countertop or cabinet space, this little gem uses magnets to heat up quickly and efficiently – and with very easy clean up due to its glass ceramic top. So get creative and show off your culinary skills tableside, fireside or poolside.