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Besides getting svelte, getting organized is one of the most popular pledges people raise their right hands and swear to in the New Year. If you are one of those persons in need of an extreme 4toexploregetorganized.gifmanagement makeover, then we suggest you vow to investigate the following four resources designed to help you get it together.

01 | MyLife Organized
In the past, P&C has touted the Getting Things Done (GTD) concept via our interview with Merlin Mann, the San Francisco-based writer who coaches readers about personal productivity. The basic outline: identifying tasks, penning them, prioritizing them, and then following through. If you are one of the digitally addicted or find your own handwriting indecipherable, then MyLife Organized (MLO) is for you. This “personal task outliner and to-do list manager” keeps you on track by helping you neatly sort your thoughts and prioritize your lists without the danger of losing your mind because you accidentally shredded the piece of paper with your latest list on it. [Now listed in P&C’s PRODUCTIVE SITES section.]

02 | Case Envy
An interior design student at the Art Institute of Dallas turned us on to this site when we commented how sleek-n-cool her portfolio was. Interviewees, you can take a cue from her and stand out from the pack by leaving a lasting impression on that potential employer with a punch of vibrant color. Designers, you can look like the professional you are by wowing potential clients during that initial meeting with interesting detailing that will only enhance your work. 4caseenvy.jpgLandscape or portrait, letter-sized or 11”x17”, whichever case you choose is certain to arouse a bit of envy in your colleagues’ hearts. [Now listed in P&C’s HOT SHOPPING section.]

03 | Fresh Books
An interior designer friend of ours uses this “painless billing” and time tracking application, and just like the testifiers on their website, she loves it. Perfect for small creative studios and freelancers, it apparently takes the agony out of the necessary evil of accounting. The beauty of the system over traditional accounting systems like QuickBooks and Quicken seems to be its online capability, which makes it accessible to you from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Furthermore, if you so choose, the system will allow your clientele to manage their account with you online, which will make you extra attractive to computer savvy clients. [Now listed in P&C’s PRODUCTIVE SITES section.]

04 | Angie’s List
Do you know the old saw, “the cobbler’s children go barefoot” (because he’s too busy making shoes for others)” If you are like most in the design industry, you’ve been working so hard for your clients that you’ve neglected your own projects. Silence that nagging voice in the back of your head by making a checklist of everything that needs improving around your home or office. Prioritize the tasks that will save your life like repairing faulty wiring and trimming the heavy tree limb that is just a wind gust away from becoming a part of your décor. Next, move on to the items that will save you money in the long run, such as adding insulation in the attic and sealing door and windows. After those biggies get done, then tackle the aesthetic stuff like replacing the tiled fireplace surround or upgrading door hardware. And if you are not Mr. Fix-It /Ms. DIY and don’t have a service provider for this or that, then consult Angie’s List, a mega-directory of reputable service providers and subcontractors. [Now re-listed in P&C’s PRODUCTIVE SITES section.]