4 To Explore – Futuristic
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4 To Explore is back, and it’s honing in on products that seem like they should be from the future but that are actually available right this minute. We’re all busy, so let’s get down to it.

01 | Lumisty Film
4-futuristic-lumisty.jpgWant to make people look twice” Just use Lumisty Film once. When applied to clear glass, this mind-bending product alters its transparency depending on where the viewer stands. Head on, it’s completely clear. Move a foot or so over, and that same section of glass becomes partially translucent. Move even further away, and what once was crystal clear is completely obscured. Saunter back to your original viewpoint, and – voila! – all is revealed once again. Having a hard time imagining it” Think of it as a hologram for glass. Lumisty Film’s "peek-a-boo" effect will add interest to retail storefronts, intrigue to corporate conference rooms, and excitement to voyeurs’ homes. [Also listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]

02 | Terra Flame
4-futuristic-terra_flame.jpgTerra Flame wants you to think firespaces instead of fireplaces. No longer does a fire have to be a permanent, high-maintenance centerpiece. Due to an eco-friendly energy source, Terra Flame’s contemporary, portable designs can serve as art, accessory, and even furniture. The clean burning fuel produces no odor, no smoke, and virtually no carbon dioxide, which means no extra ventilation is necessary. Their floor and wall-mounted models are available in 23 finish options in wood, steel and solid color. And with options for storage, including built in shelves, doors and drawers, they are perfect for boutique hotels, smokin’ hot bachelor pads and evildoer lairs. [Also listed in P&C’s ECO SAVVY section.]

03 | LiquidMotion Tiles
4-futuristic-liquid_motion.jpgI’m not ashamed to admit it. When I was single, I used to have a rotating mirror ball permanently installed in my condo’s living room. (It made vacuuming and dusting tolerable.) However, I’ve always fantasized about having an actual dance floor in my house, and if I do, I’m definitely installing Liquid Motion Tiles. These high tech tiles are manufactured in Milan, Italy, by B.lab Italia, who applies the technology to table tops as well in conjunction with TechDesign. When pressure is applied, the colors morph and patterns adjust, creating an interactive, lava lamp like experience for the user, making them perfect for trendy clubs, sizzling hot bachelorette pads, and trust fund baby vacation homes. [Also listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]

04 | Nova Display
4-futuristic-nova.jpgShelving is a tricky thing. You don’t want it to dominate, overshadowing the items that you are trying to highlight in the first place, but you need it to be sturdy and flexible enough to last over time. Nova Display has figured this all out and is the epitome of sleek functionality. Their cable display system is modern, industrial, and virtually disappears, and their rod display system is elegant, minimally intrusive, and surprisingly heavy-duty. Plus, they have low-voltage light fixtures that attach directly to the systems, as well as coordinating floor display stands when fixed partitions aren’t present. In a nutshell: Nova Display’s products are perfect solutions for anything from museum stores and corporate executive offices to hip salons and contemporary habitats. [Also listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]