Notes From NeoCon 2012
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notes_neocon12.gifThree days may seem like a generous amount of time, but it is never long enough to experience all that is NeoCon. From temporary exhibits to permanent showrooms, continuing education courses to keynote speakers, and product introductions to parties-o-plenty, your feet are sure to fail you even you are seasoned enough to leave your heels at home. Due to a packed schedule, this year we sprinted through the show, burning calories on the crimson-carpeted stairs of The Merchandise Mart to bring you our 10 favorite finds, but including other products of interest in a Notes From NeoCon 2012 Facebook album. So on to this year’s chosen exhibitors in the areas of Interactive Encounters, Telling Textiles, Peak Performance, Surface Works, and Powerful E-Motion…

Gill-Industries | It’s time to cut the cord. Imagine a world where you can set down your mobile device – hotel bedside table, home kitchen counter, coffee shop café table, etc. – and it charges. Without a cord. Gill-Industries doesn’t make the furniture or surfaces, but they do make the wireless power technology that integrates into our work and living spaces. Power up! NunoErin | Everybody’s body contains an electrical field, and NunoErin makes furniture pieces that respond to this natural phenomenon, creating a sensory experience unique to each person who encounters them. Touch their Sparkle Bench, Interactive Diamond Bench (shown), or Sparkle Table, and pools of colored light will appear to dance, mesmerizing you and others. Light up!
notes_neocon12-gill_industries.jpg notes_neocon12-nunoerin.jpg

Concertex | Designers are demanding sustainable products with high style combined with high performance, and Concertex is answering the call with their Zenus (extremely durable, cleanable fabric), Nappatile (faux leather wall tile), and wide array of environmentally-friendly, luxury wallcovering (shown). FilzFelt | Part of the Knoll family, this 100% wool design felt in a stunning range of regal colors is the Viscount of Versatility: as custom rugs with options of shape, size, edging and backing; as covering for wall panels that can be tackable, acoustic or purely decorative; or as hanging perforated screens that absorb sound.
notes_neocon12-concertex.jpg notes_neocon12-fitzfelt.jpg

Magnuson Group | Details matter, and Magnuson Group gets it. Trash receptacles, desk accessories, coat racks and the like are usually not at the top of the list when finishing out spaces, but when they’re missing, life is a little chaotic. MG’s offerings are smart, fun, and totally functional – the design trifecta. Spacesaver | Otherwise known as Life Saver to its end-users, Spacesaver has efficient solutions for storing and tracking items like medical records, sports equipment, and even police weapons. Their FrameWRX storage system (shown) is über adaptable, endlessly adjustable, and good looking to boot.
notes_neocon12-magnuson_group2.jpg notes_neocon12-spacesaver.jpg

3StepArt | From Charlie Tyke, one of designers of 2/90 Sign Systems, comes 3StepArt, a line of abstract, highly dimensional art pieces customizable by design (1), color (2), and size (3). VOC-free, ultra-violet cured inks are digitally printed onto the biodegradable substrate, and finished edges make framing optional. TorZo Sustainable Surfaces | Thanks to their innovative acrylic infusion methods, Oregon-based TorZo transforms agricultural by-products such as wheat, hemp, and sorghum, as well as certified wood, into simply stylish, rigidly solid, extremely durable millwork, countertops, flooring, ceilings, wall panels and furniture.
notes_neocon12-3stepart.jpg notes_neocon12-torzo.jpg

Moving Murals | Photos (especially the one shown here) don’t come anywhere close to doing Moving Murals’ offerings justice. Their high-definition videos depicting sparkling cityscapes, sweeping landscapes, and global scenes nature are an intensely compelling, refreshing alternative to traditional, static wall-hung art. LifeSpan | More and more studies show that sitting for long periods of time can be quite detrimental to one’s health, but what are we to do if our jobs are desk-centric” Tread while you toil with LifeSpan’s Treadmill Desk or their Treadmill / Desk Display combo, which works in conjunction with your current stand up desk.
notes_neocon12-moving_murals.jpg notes_neocon12-lifespan.jpg

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