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4toexplore-walls-title.gifWalls have come a long way, baby. Paint and its many variants are certainly still the leaders of the pack due to an infinite palette, ease of installation, and relatively low material and labor costs, and wallcoverings have made Olympic-sized strides in terms of texture, finish, and durability. However, thanks to impressive technological innovations in materials and manufacturing, design professionals now have an almost endless array of possibilities to treat interior walls. Whether for commercial or residential application, designers can incorporate any type of imagery their client desires, take advantage of techniques like ultra high-resolution digital printing and three-dimensional injection molding, and integrate anything from natural materials to high-gloss, shimmering metallics. Now if we only had endless budgets…

4-walls-architexture-tattoowall2.jpg 4-walls-soelberg-textur3d2.jpg 4-walls-trove-wood_veneer2.jpg 4-walls-marlite-myriad2.jpg


01 | Architexture – Tattoowall 02 | Soelberg Industries – Texture3D
We hope that the art of handpainting frescoes never fades, but in a world of tight turnarounds and even tighter budgets, Architexture offers up this revolutionary, patented alternative. What sets Tattoowall apart is that the desired graphic or pattern is transferred directly onto any surface of any size rather than printed onto a paper, film or fabric and subsequently applied. Plus, the substrate can have up to 0.2 inches of texture, eliminating the extra time and expense of achieving a perfectly smooth surface. [Also listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.] Whether sculpted in undulating waves, defined shapes, or Escher-like patterns, these three-dimensional panels sing out like sexy sirens, beseeching you to touch them. Made up in glossy solids, shiny metallics, or wood grain (smooth or textured), the array of options will make your heart skip a beat. Don’t let their beauty deceive you, though. Textüre3D qualifies for LEED credit in multiple categories related to recycled content, responsible forest management, and low emitting materials/ indoor air quality. [Also listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]
4-walls-architexture-tattoowall.jpg 4-walls-soelberg-textur3d.jpg

03 | Trove – Wood Veneer 04 | Marlite – Myriad
Moody and ethereal, Trove’s hauntingly beautiful imagery appears on cloth-backed, book-matched wood veneers such as FSC certified bamboo and birch, but they are also available with paper backing for application on doors, millwork and furniture. With the ability to produce sizes up to 10’ high and 3.5’ wide, their large-scale botanical patterns and ghostly flora have room to breathe. Since Trove manufacturers with low VOC primers, adhesives, and matte UV sealers, their wood veneer allows us and the planet to breathe as well. [Also listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.] Sometime back we put the spotlight on Vivian K. Mosley, a graphic designer behind the Marlite curtain responsible for many of their innovative products. Once of our favorites is their Myriad Wall System as its kit of parts truly affords specifiers a myriad of design options. Applicable to single- or multi-story feature walls, panels come in a variety of sizes. They can be translucent and back-lit, reinforce a company’s brand with graphics and photography, or simply enhance the interior wood veneer, marble, or even faux finishes. [Also listed in P&C’s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]
4-walls-trove-wood_veneer.jpg 4-walls-marlite-myriad.jpg