4 To Explore Adornment
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As the economy inches upward, our collective attitude improves, instinctively triggering us to want to shed the minimalist monk robes we have been living in for the last several years and don some livelier, more mood-enhancing attire. In interior design terms, that means incorporating additional color, pattern, imagery and embellishment into our clients” environments. 4toexplore-adornment-title.gifIn other words: Austerity is out. Adornment is in. Everyone wants something to smile about, so from frames to light fixtures and windows to walls, we”re sharing a few ideas to help you inject a little levity, energy, and beauty into the spaces where we live, work, stay and play. It”s party time.

01 | OrangePiel ” Custom Window Shades 02 | Trove ” Window Film
High-resolution digital printing has made massive strides in the last few years, and the eco-friendly folks from San Francisco-based OrangePiel are using the technology to create image-laden roller shades. Upload your own artwork or select from their artistic library, select your sizing, choose your opacity option (from translucent to complete blocking), and then decide on extras like a valance or motorized operation. [Also listed in P&C”s WHAT THE SPEC” section.] If there is no need to completely shade a window, then consider enhancing it with Trove”s decorative film. Their 22 styles incorporating natural elements like botanicals, insects and feathers seem designed to calm the mind, possibly inducing daydreaming (so place wisely). The films are not just for windows, however. Room partitions, glass doors and glass-front cabinets can just as easily be used as canvases as well. [Also listed in P&C”s WHAT THE SPEC” section.]
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03 | Wexel Art ” Changeable Art Displays 04 | Hampstead Lighting ” Laser Cut Lighting