2016 Artaic Design ’N Gather Competition
2016 Artaic Design ’N Gather Competition
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2016 Artaic Design ’N Gather Competition

At the intersections of digital and physical, art and technology, Artaic continually stretches the bounds of what can be designed in tile, and they are welcoming designers of all backgrounds to do the same.

Now in its third year, the Artaic Design ’N Gather Competition invites designers or collaborative groups from all disciplines to come together, pick up new tools, and create a one-of-a-kind piece that has lasting impact on the space and the individuals who experience it.

The Program

They provide designers with their Tessera design software and an instructional information packet on how to produce a successful mosaic. Additionally, their Creative Director Paul Reiss will host training sessions to ensure viable submissions.

The training sessions will be accompanied by a series of email blasts, advertisements, and additional events. Artaic markets the competition through many different channels and partners.

The Requirements

Their goal for a successful competition is to produce an exciting work of art that is both unique and fitting with the character of the location.

They are looking for a highly visible area with a flat focal surface that can act as a blank canvas. The location can be interior or exterior, floor or wall, remodel or new-build. The space and surrounding environment should inspire and foster innovative and creative submissions.

Once a location is selected, they collaborate on the guidelines for successful submissions. To ensure relevant effective submissions, they collaborate on design guidelines.

Guidelines will take into consideration the overall design of the space including other finishings and design intent. They will work with you to pick the exact color palette and tile type that work best with the application.

The Pay-Off

The top ten finalists will be picked based on the creativity, execution, and successful interpretation of thematic elements. From those finalists, one will be selected as the winning submission.

Finalists will be announced well in advance of HD Expo – providing time for travel plans. The finalists are encouraged to attend the HD Expo party and are provided with free travel to the event.


  • The winning submission will be produced by Artaic and installed as a permanent fixture in the designated location.
  • Prominent display at Bostik’s booth at HD Expo in Las Vegas – one of the largest hospitality design trade shows of the year.


  • All finalists will be featured at Bostik’s booth at HD Expo.
  • Flight voucher to attend the DNG awards party at HD Expo.
  • One year membership at Design Museum Foundation (Boston/Portland).

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