2005/07: Ask Me
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I understand that the letters ASID and IIDA signify membership in those organizations, but I”ve also seen the letters FASID and FIIDA ” what do those mean”

(submitted by Pam M.)

Editor”s note: The letter “F” signifies “Fellow,” and Jeannine Bazer-Schwartz was made a Fellow of ASID in 1984.

Fellowship is the highest honor the Society can bestow on its members. Elevation not only acknowledges the achievements of the designer as an individual but also recognizes before the public and the profession a model interior designer who made a significant contribution to interior design and society and has shown distinction in doing so.

The 5 criteria established by the Council of Fellows are:

  1. To promote the excellence and advancement of interior design.
  2. To enhance the profession of interior design by advancing the education, training and/or practice of interior design.
  3. To provide leadership to the design industry and profession.
  4. To ensure the advancement of living standards by improving environments and making the profession of increased service to the society.
  5. To preserve the health, safety and welfare of the public.

AID and NSID (the two organizations who merged to form ASID) each had Fellows prior to the merger. The Council of Fellows meets once a year to select from those nominated.