2005/09: Ask Me
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I just received an email from you, and I noticed a congratulations to the outstanding ASID student chapter. How did they win” I would love to enter my school’s student chapter for things to win. Could you send me some information on contests or seminars or anything you might be able to share with me. Thank you.

(submitted by Teresa T.)

You are referring to the ASID Student Chapter awards that included the following categories:

  • Outstanding Student Chapter of the Year
  • Newsletter of the Year
  • Website of the Year
  • Fundraiser of the Year
  • Outstanding Student Representative to the Board of the Year
  • Faculty Advisor of the Year

All of these student award categories and criteria are listed in the ASID Student Chapter Manual, which is now in CD format. Check with your Student Chapter President because they receive the CD from National ASID, but the manual is also on-line at asid.org under the student section.

Another competition that you might be interested in is the Second Annual 2006 ASID Student Design Award Competition, which is now posted on the website as well. This contest is open exclusively to ASID student members in any year of study. The winning entry will be announced at INTERIORS ’06: The ASID Conference on Design, and prominently published in ASID ICON, ACCESS, the ASID student newsletter, and on the ASID website. You can also check with your Faculty Advisor because the competition packet has been sent out to them.

The website is also a great resource for scholarships. The ASID Foundation provides scholarships and awards for undergraduate and graduate students in a number of categories. Click here to access the list.