2006/09: Ask Me
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A year ago, one of my professors at suggested that I apply for the NCIDQ so that they can open a file on me. I just reviewed the application and it asks for design work experience (which I don’t have) and degrees earned (I have one undergraduate degree but won’t have my interior design associates degree in design until May). Should I still apply”

(submitted by Lisa K.)

EDITOR”S NOTE: We decided to go straight to the source on this one – the current President-Elect of NCIDQ. Here’s what she has to say…

I do not think she should apply until she has met the requirements. To confirm this, I checked with Ray Resendez, Records Coordinator at NCIDQ.

Here is his reply: “Yes, that is correct. We review applications twice, in June and December. FYI: All requirements must be met when application is submitted or by application deadline date.”

She should also periodically check the NCIDQ website (www.ncidq.org) for updates. When she has met the requirements, she can download the application form from the website, too.